Army Of Darkness S.E. (UK) Announced

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    May 9, 2001
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    Finally announced in the UK!
    Release date: 11/11/02
    Recommended retail price: GBP 19.99
    I believe it has the exact same contents as the R1 2-disc L.E. (which is OOP and quite expensive). The specs:
    Double Disc Presentation. Disc One: American Theatrical Version. Widescreen Presentation (1.66:1) Enhanced for 16:9 Televisions. Full Frame (1.33:1) Presentation Re-Formatted for 4:3 Televisions. Original Ending. Theatrical Trailer. Exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurette The Men Behind the Army, Narrated by Bruce Campbell. Disc Two: Director's Cut. Widescreen Presentation (1.66:1) Enhanced for 16:9 Televisions. Additional 15 minutes of Extra Footage. Audio Commentary with Director Sam Raimi, Star Bruce Campbell and Co-Writer Ivan Raimi. 4 Never Before Seen Deleted Scenes. Director's Storyboards.
    Anchor Bay's official announcement states a 15 certification, but judging by the vover, it's 18:
    (A French single disc version is already out BTW)
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    Jun 20, 2002
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    I got both of the discs that came in that 2disc R1 LE separately, so have all the material, but this is good news for everyone who doesn't yet own it. [​IMG]

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