Are there any other Horror film fans out there as fanatical as me?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jay E, Aug 14, 2001.

  1. Jay E

    Jay E Cinematographer

    May 30, 2000
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    First let me say that I am a film fanatic in general. I love all types of films(except for 90% of the films put out by Hollywood today).
    But my first love is Horror films. I love almost all Horror films, especially ones made before the advent of video. To show you how big a fan I am, just look at the DVDs I have pre-ordered for August 28th:
    A & C Meet the Mummy
    Audrey Rose
    Beast Withen, The
    Candyman 2
    Count Yorga Vampire
    Dracula's Daughter/Son of Dracula
    Dunwich Horror, The
    Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman/House of Frankenstein
    Hammer House of Horrors
    Howling, The
    Invaders From Mars
    Island of Dr Moreau
    It, The Terror From Beyond Space
    Killer Klowns From Outer Space
    Mars Needs Women
    Monster That Challenged the World
    Planet of the Vampires
    Return of the Living Dead 3- CANCELLED [​IMG]
    Son of Frankenstein/Ghost of Frankenstein
    Mummy's Ghost/Mummy's Curse
    Mummy's Hand/Mummy's Tomb
    Theatre of Blood
    Twice Told Tales
    Werewolf of London/She Wolf of London
    How I'm going to pay for all these titles, God only knows, especially as there are quite a few other titles coming out in August & September such as The Wicker Man, Doomwatch, Nightbreed, Legend of Hell House, 13 Ghosts, When Worlds Collide, Opera, Suspiria, American Werewolf in London, The Fury, The Blob, Silence of the Lambs & City of the Dead. What makes this even worse is that there are 3 expensive non-horror titles sets coming out over the next few weeks that I really want to get; the Criterion Dreyer Set, The Emma Peel Box Set & The Complete Prisoner Box Set...HELP!!!!
    I have yet to meet anyone who is as fanatical as me when it comes to almost all types of Horror films. I'm hoping that there is one or two other people on this forum who can understand and relate to my addiction to Horror and maybe explain why we're so fanatical. I hope there is as I'm tired of feeling so alone [​IMG]
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  2. Kenneth English

    Kenneth English Second Unit

    Sep 29, 1999
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    Are you, by chance, independently wealthy? [​IMG]
  3. Bryan_ZZ

    Bryan_ZZ Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 7, 2000
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    He may be wealthy, but he better not be married! [​IMG]
  4. Harry W

    Harry W Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 28, 2001
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    And I thought I was bad at collecting them.Only on VHS so far.But ya got me beat my friend.Thank God my wife likes the same movies.
  5. Ricky f

    Ricky f Supporting Actor

    May 12, 2001
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    I am a very big Horror fan, I have not pre-ordered all the ones you have because not all of them interest me.
    I have pre-ordered:
    Candyman 2
    Return of the living dead 3
    Theater of blood
    Twice Told Tales
    I am running low on cash at the moment, but I am a very big horror fan like you.
    Half of my collection is Horror, I have :
    Some of these are region 2 :
    American Psycho
    Basket Case 2
    Basket case 3
    Beetlejuice ( comedy Horror )
    The Blair Witch Project
    Bride Of Chucky
    Cherry Falls
    Child's Play 1
    Child's Play 2
    Creepshow 2
    The Dentist
    Deep Blue Sea
    The Faculty
    Friday the 13th
    Friday the 13th Part 2
    Friday the 13th part 3
    Friday the 13th : The Final Chapter
    Gate 2
    Grandmothers House
    Halloween limited edition
    Halloween 4
    Halloween 5 limited edition
    Halloween H20
    The Haunting ( 1999 )
    Hellrasier 1 and 2 Limitd edition
    Hellrasier : Bloodline
    House 1 and 2 Limited edition
    House On Haunted Hill
    Idle Hands
    I know what you did last summer
    I Still know what you did last summer
    Nightmare On Elm Street Box Set 1-7
    Prom Night
    Psycho 2
    Psycho 3
    Psycho 98
    Scream Trilogy
    The Silence Of The Lambs Criterion
    The Sixth Sense
    Sleepaway Camp
    Tales from the crypt : Demon Knight
    Tales from the crypt : Robert Zemeckis collection
    Urban Legend
    Urban Legend : Final Cut
    So No your not the only fanatical Horror fan
    Please help convince Warner to release Stephen King's IT On DVD
  6. MaxY

    MaxY Guest

    First Off Jay you are far from Alone.
    If I sort by Genre in DVD Profiler using Horror as the Genre I have 198 and am likely to break 200 today. [​IMG]
    If you want to see a good thread on Horror there is an excellent one started by me. [​IMG] It has reached 4 pages now so you might have to do some reading to catch up. [​IMG]
    If you would like to Join in on that thread....
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  7. Inspector Hammer!

    Inspector Hammer! Executive Producer

    Mar 15, 1999
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    Houston, Texas
    Real Name:
    John Williamson
    Jay E, I LOVE horror! Been watching em all my life. Have you gone to see The Others yet? If not, drop your keyboard now, run to your nearest theater, and be prepared to be chilled to the bone my friend! I've spent the last few days trying to convince other members who havn't seen it to go, as I believe they're missing the boat on one of the years best films! But it seems everyones more interested in American Pie 2 instead, and it's a real shame.
    The Multi Channel Animal's truly, madly, deeply in love with Estella Warren!
  8. Wes Ray

    Wes Ray Supporting Actor

    May 11, 2001
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    Major horror and slasher movie fan right here. The last horror movies I bought were Carnival of Souls (Criterion), Brian DePalma's Sisters (Criterion), and the slightly underrated throwback to 80's slashers, Valentine.
    I plan on buying the old 80's slasher film Tourist Trap very soon though, as I hear nothing but good things about it. Plus, it's well under 10 bucks, so how can I go wrong?
  9. Jay E

    Jay E Cinematographer

    May 30, 2000
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    Glad to see that I'm not the only fanatic. That's why I love HTF, you can find addicts just like yourself and feel you are part of a family (although with our tastes, it might be more like the Manson family [​IMG]).
    Wes, I have Tourist Trap, it's a childhood favorite, mainly because Chuck Conners scared the crap out of me, he's one scary looking dude (also loved him in The Mad Bomber, another film where he plays a psycho). The transfer however isn't that great, there seems to be a lot of pixelation, but for that price I would still pick it up.
  10. Carol Razavi

    Carol Razavi Stunt Coordinator

    Aug 12, 2000
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    Count me in as a horror fanatic too. My best friend introduced me to the world of cult cinima with Evil Dead, and from then on I think I've been in love. Although I must admit, I hate most of all the horror movies that have come from the 90's. Army of Darkness and a few others are the only good ones. I hate 90's slasher films. I thought Scream was good, but nothing more.
    On pre order:
    Wicker Man LE
    Maniac LE
    Dario Argento Col. 1,2,3
    and I hope Anchor Bay rereleases Zombie soon. I wish I didn't miss out on that one. I love Lucio Fulci [​IMG]
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  11. Jay E

    Jay E Cinematographer

    May 30, 2000
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    Carol, Anchor Bay has Zombie on their release schedule for 2002.
  12. MaxY

    MaxY Guest

    And here is to Hoping that they rerelease Zombie with an Anamorphic transfer too.
    BTW just out of curousity (I know it killed the cat but I am hoping I survive) while we have all these horror fans here....
    How many of you horror DVD buyers have a widescreen set or plan to soon?
    I was just wondering how many here could actually really enjoy all the great work that Anchor Bay has put into their anamorphic transfers.
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  13. Julie K

    Julie K Screenwriter

    Dec 1, 2000
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    I too love horror, but I'll admit that most of the 90s left me pretty sickened. If I had to pick my favorite sub-genre, it would certainly be gore [​IMG]
    I am most eagerly waiting for the Wicker Man LE next week, but my most anticipated disk of the year (heck, of all time) has to be the Anchor Bay 2 disc set of Bad Taste! Woo hoo!
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  14. Jay E

    Jay E Cinematographer

    May 30, 2000
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    Max, I don't own a widescreen set. Heck with all the money I'm spending on DVDs, I have absolutely no money left to upgrade my present 11 year old system. At least my T.V. is 27", but I'm envious of all those people with new surround sound home theatre systems.
    P.S. I just cancelled my Return of the Living Dead 3 order at Amazon after finding out it is the R rated version. I guess I just saved a little money that I can put to a new system (who am I fooling, it'll probably go to another horror DVD).
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  15. Matt Butler

    Matt Butler Screenwriter

    Jun 23, 2001
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    Im not the worlds biggesat horror fan; but I will admit most of my fav movies are horror.
    My DVD horror films are
    Halloween LE
    Friday the 13th pt1-Final Chapter (pt 6 on the way)
    Exorcist 25th anni AND VYNS (both)
    Night of the Livivng Dead (original)
    Evil Dead (all three AOD is the LE)
    Texas Chainsaw SE
    Haunting DTS (99) Movie sucks but the sound! [​IMG]
    Blair Witch Project
    Christine (Dont know if you consider this horror)
    I think thats all?
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  16. Charles Maesschalck

    May 15, 2001
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    I'm into horror big time....
    Nightmare On Elm Street Box Set
    Final Destination
    Sleepy Hollow
    Friday The 13th Parts 1+2 (getting others soon)
    House 2
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Phantasm 4
    Scream Box Set
    Evil Dead 2 Tin
    Halloween- 2Disk
    Halloween 5 Tin
    Army Of Darkness- 2Disk
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Night Of The Living Dead
    Silence Of The lambs - Criterion
    Dead Ringers - Criterion
    Will get soon....
    Silence Of The Lambs - MGM W/S
    Carrie: SE
    Killer Klowns
    The Blob (88)
    Dressed To Kill
    The Fury
  17. Serega_M

    Serega_M Agent

    Aug 11, 2001
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    Answering on the question of MaxY about the Widescreen TV [​IMG]
    Actually - I am quite shocked to see that most Americans still have 4:3 TV! Here, in Europe, even here, in Moscow, damn it! people who need to buy a new TVset usually going for 100Hz Widescreen TVs, even without all of that HDTV and while ALL of the TV broadcasts being in 4:3 mono format [​IMG] As for me - I have bought my Home Theater system not so long time ago (about 4 months ago) and of course as the screen I've bought myself Philips 32" 100Hz Widescreen TV, it has costed me about 1800 USD. And the most useful feature of that TV is AutoZoom - while it takes every kind of the picture (4:3 or anything else) and digitally fills the entire screen of the 16x9 TV [​IMG] Of course I can control that process and choose any aspect ratio I want, but ALL of the time I am happy with the automatic results I got [​IMG] So - this discussions about J6P who demand "to fill their screen" are nonsense to me - why vendors there just can't put this cool (and probably not so expensive) digital feature to ALL of their new 4:3 TV's there and if the movie is letterboxed - the digital processor will zoom it to "fill the screen" - so - not much problems will be and J6P's stop complaining [​IMG]
    And btw, having such TV set it cool - cause all of the originally shot 4:3 movies (Evil Dead, NOFTLD'68 for example) I can see widescreen (I know, I know that the picture is artificially altered, but anyway [​IMG])! Cool, heh? [​IMG] Hope this information helps [​IMG]

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