Are the rptv's at walmart worth buying?

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    Feb 20, 2000
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    We were doing a bit of shopping at a superwalmart last night and they had 4 different sized rptvs from magnavox and rca.They both had decent pictures..and the price was right($1299 for a 50")
    Right now I am looking for a larger tv mainly for watching tv(using a dish) and working towards a fp for movies and anything else that deserves a BIG screen.
    I am currently using my OLD cheap 27" from ge,I had a 36" zenith up until a few months ago when It gave out..Only 1.5 years old,no warranty and I couldent justify paying almost as much as a new set to fix it.
    Anyway,since I already did the 36" I want bigger...but for undeer $1500,my viewing distance is 14"feet,possibly more if I rearrange the living room,but not much more than 5' or so.
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  2. RyanDinan

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    Oct 25, 2000
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    Well, it depends on if you want to spend $1200 on a non-HD ready set...
    Wal-Mart only sells plain-ol' analog NTSC RPTV's. They will not be able to display a HD signal, nor take advantage of a progressive scan DVD player. Also, most NTSC sets do not have a 16x9 mode to take advantage of anamorphically transferred DVDs.
    I know you can get the Sony 53HS30 for around $2000 - and the extra money would be well spent.
    I'm sure you can find cheaper HD ready sets - Panasonic - I think - makes a sub $2000 HD-ready set.
    I would definately look into a HD ready set instead of investing in soon-to-be outdated technology...
    -Ryan Dinan

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