Are Some New DVDs Incompatible with Old Players?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Randy Stafford, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Randy Stafford

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    Dec 2, 2003
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    I have a Toshiba SD-3107 DVD player (Region 1) purchased new many years ago when they first came out.

    It's never given me any problems.

    However, recently I tried to play the Warner Home Video Doctor Who Key to Time set. Each of the six discs acted the same way. The animated WB and BBC logos would start at the beginning of the disc and then nothing. The disc would not go to the menu by itself or by any command via the remote control. Eventually, after a few seconds of a black screen, the player gave the "Please Check Disc" error message.

    These discs are Region 1, NTSC, purchased new at a Suncoast Pictures store. Every disc looked clean and unscratched. (Though I did clean the player lens and one of the discs to make sure that wasn't the problem.) When I took the set back, they took one disc out, and it played just fine in the store's DVD player.

    I have had no trouble playing any of WB's other Doctor Who DVD releases, both before and after trying to play the Key to Time set. That includes Doctor Who DVD releases put out after the Key to Time series.

    Is there some subtle difference in the recording format of the Key to Time DVDs that trips my machine up, something akin to it not being able to play DVD-Rs? Or was there a bad batch of discs put out?

    Of course, I'm looking for a solution so I can actually watch the discs rather than sell them off or buy another player.
  2. Greg Kolinski

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    Yes, That model Toshiba had some firmware issues with some of the later DVD's from 2001 and up.I have the same player "floating" around the house somewhere,and it did the same thing.I believe there is a firmware upgrade available from Toshiba.Some people got lucky and had Toshiba cover it,others like me,where told it would cost , approx $80 or so if I recall.I would call Toshiba about it , and get the latest $ quote to get a firmware upgrade,or start looking for a new DVD player,you can get one of equal or better PQ for pretty cheap these days.

  3. Jack Briggs

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    Remember that these compatibility issues were common in the early days as well. Some players simply had trouble reading certain discs (there was quite a controversy when The Matrix was first released to DVD). There were also problems with some players keeping the audio and video tracks in sync.

    Add to that the fact that as a player ages its laser assembly is apt to become less reliable. It will eventually wear out. As Greg suggests, it's more cost effective these days simply to get a much better-performing machine for far less money than you paid for that Toshiba.

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