Are DVD trade meets ever held?

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Yousaf, Apr 7, 2004.

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    I rememeber when I used to collect trading cards as an elementary schooler...going to school every day with my binders, trading during recesses, I'm sure some of you know the drill.

    Anyway, I've found that I get the same kick out of collecting DVDs now as I did collecting cards when I was younger. And so, I was wondering...are DVD trade meets ever held? You could maybe get even 10 or 20 guys together somewhere, and they could bring all the DVDs they're interested in trading, and have a blast. Not only could you haggle in person but people would save on shipping as well.

    If such meets aren't held, I really think it's something that would be interesting to start up.
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    Jason Merrick
    I've been to a few of the local HTF meets where trading has gone on after the feature... I got rid of Plan 9 From Outer Space that way!
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    Jun 23, 2001
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    Moving to Software for Trade/sale forum.....

  4. Nils Luehrmann

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    I came up with an interesting way of trading DVD for our Austin gatherings. What you do is have everyone bring with them whatever DVDs from their collections they are interested in getting rid of.

    Once everyone has arrived with their DVDs, count them all and then on small pieces of paper right a number on each one starting with #1 and ending with whatever number of DVDs there are in total. So if there were thirty DVDs then you'd have thirty pieces of paper with the numbers 1-30 on them.

    For each DVD that someone throws into the pot they are given a random piece of paper with a number on it. So if they throw in five DVDs they get five different numbers, if they throw in only one and they only get one number.

    Once all the DVDs are in the pot, the person with #1 gets first pick of the pot. Then the person with #2, and so on and so forth until all numbers are called and as such, all DVD are spoken for.

    The system works out well as it rewards those that are willing to offer more DVDs for trade by giving them a greater chance at a higher draft pick.

    Of course there are always times when you either end up picking up one of your own because maybe you don't like or already have what ever is remaining. When that happens what often occurs is that folks will get together after the draft and negotiate additional trading.

    The only concern I have with this system is that some can abuse it by only bringing lots of really bad quality DVDs. If that ever becomes a problem what you might want to consider doing is rather than give out random numbers, have a system set-up such that the higher the value of a DVD, the lower the number.

    One way to determine value is all agree on one site, say Amazon, and as folks show up with their DVDs, do a quick search on eBay and cut and paste the price on a spreadsheet, perhaps Excel.

    Once all the DVDs are submitted and all the prices and DVDs are in the spread sheet simply rank them by price. The DVD with the highest value earns that donner the first pick, and so on and so forth. In the event of ties (which will be often) then you'll have to randomly distribute those numbers.

    For instance if there were five DVDs priced at $18.99 which would have given the first one of those pick #8, then all five would be randomly given numbers #8 - #12.

    It may sound more complicated than it really is.

    Any way, either of these systems of trading should be a welcome change to traditional trading and save everyone's time by cutting out all that negotiating that goes on.

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