Are Clean Rooms used in disc replication?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Paul_Scott, Apr 22, 2006.

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    just wondering because that might account for why so many of Universals products (and not just the dvd 18s...i've seen the same problems on on dvd 9's) seem to have issues that vary from set to set- so i would assume that these are not authoring issues.
    is it possible that slight dust contamination could be the culprit here?
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    The last disc-production facility to have that problem was DiscoVision, Carson CA, setup without clean-rooms in an old furniture factory. The discs got contaminated like billy-oh : 50%+ were bad right off the line, and most of the remainder went bad within two years. Since then, all optical disc production lines have used clean-rooms, even the Sony DADC facility in Terre Haute IN, which was notorious for at least a 30% "laser-rot" rate. It's believed that the glue between the two sides was habitually contmainated, which would be a problem for double-sided DVDs as well.

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