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Arcam Alpha 9 CD/HDCD player (1 Viewer)

Serge Ch

Jan 11, 2003
FS: Arcam Alpha 9 CD player. Excellent cosmetical and mechanical condition with remote and power cord. Originaly $1600. Now - $750 plus shipping. I'd prefer local pickup in Chicago.

Alpha 9 is a big step up from Alpha 7 and 8. Alpha 9 is a previous version of current top of the line Arcam FMJ player.

The revolutionary Arcam Alpha 9 CD uses a patented 24-bit DAC architecture developed by Arcam and dCS, a British professional audio manufacturer of international repute.

The dCS Ring DAC has very low distortion and near perfect DNL (differential non-linearity) leading to a sound that is pure, detailed, dynamic and as near to the original recording as you are ever likely to get. Coupled with painstakingly designed analogue and power supply circuitry, the Ring DAC helps the Alpha 9 outperform competitiors costing many times more. The Alpha 9 also automatically decodes HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) recordings. HDCD is the patented Pacific Microsonics mastering and playback technology, which extends the perceived dynamic range of an encoded 16-bit CD.

Hi-Fi Choice magazine described the revolutionary chip design of the Alpha 9, as delivering "the best ever sound under £1,000" and "the most ambitious and inspired digital product ever to emerge from Arcam".

"...this Arcam represents astonishing value and must be heard." Hi Fi News, "The Arcam Alpha 9 is an absolutely superb CD player. I would be hard-pressed to justify buying a more expensive CD player".

Stereophile (USA): "...the Alpha 9 sounds sophisticated, yet disarmingly undemonstrative, precise and detailed."

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