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Dan Driscoll

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Aug 1, 2000
Excellent analog linestage with five 2-channel inputs and one 6-channel input for MC music or home theater. Outputs are main L-R, a tape loop and a 6 channel pre-out. I am the second owner and am only selling because I was forced to down-size my system. It needs to go, the amp it drove has already been sold and it's just sitting in a box now. The unit functions perfectly and is in very good condition, 8/10 on the Audiogon scale, mainly for age. There are a few very minor scuffs on the top, but they don't even show up in the photos.If you weren't aware, Audio Refinement is the 'budget' line from the French high end audio company, YBA. AR components are designed by YBA in France, but are built in Taiwan to to keep costs down.I'm now asking $400 + shipping. Price includes double boxing, the optional remote and the OBM. For anyone in Europe who might be interested, this unit is 110V, but it can be sent to YBA's service depot and converted to 230V. The cost is approximately €80 + shipping.Here are links to the manual, photos and reviews.ManualPhotosStereophile Review (scroll down)AudiogonReviewMy original HTF review

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