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AR HT 192 - 12' componet cable for $55.80 (1 Viewer)

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi David.
The AR brand is well respected for it's budget price compared to say Monster.
But video cables...
Your eyes are more sensitive than your ears so when possible, I tend to push for better video cables.
Here is my own personal recomendation.
The AR cables are fine if you have a Modest system. By "Modest" I mean:
- Display size 40" or less
- Display is ordinary TV, not HD/HD-Ready
- Length of run is modest ... less than 10 feet
- You are sending only standard video, not HD or Progressive
If you have a modest system, you are not going to notice the difference between the $50 AR cables, and the $230 Monster z300 units.
If you violate one or more of the above rules, this puts you into the "sensitive" catagory - your system may be sensitive enough that a better cable makes a visible difference.
Jump to this thread on Better Cables vs Monster to get a list of internet sites to price-shop.
The critical thing to look for is Canare plugs, and Canare or Belden coax for component video cables.
You might spend upwards of $80-120 for these cables, but you are getting the stuff that the industry uses.
Good Luck.

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