AR, B&W, Boston, JBL, or JMLabs around 1100?

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  1. Andres Arizaga

    Jul 7, 2000
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    Recently a friend of mine moved to another country [​IMG] and he offered me to buy some of his HT harware.
    I kept with his 32"widescreen Panasonic TAU, and one of his Rotel 991 amps.[​IMG]
    Now I´m looking for a good pair of mains to match with this monster amp,I have around 1100 bucs to buy a pair of AR, B&W, Boston Acoustic, JBL or JMLabs towers.
    What pair of mains do you recomend me?
    Thanks. [​IMG]
    Marantz SR-7000.
    Marantz DV-4200.
    Yamaha NS-70 mains.(4 sale) :p)
    Yamaha NS-5 rear.
    Yamaha NS-C105.
    Yamaha YST-SW80.
    Panasonic TAU 32" wide.
    Sony SLV-N81 vhs.
  2. Sihan Goi

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    Out of those few speakers that you have mentioned, I'd recommend the B&W(CDM NT series) and the JMLabs(Cobalt series). The rest aren't really in the same league. However, if you're willing to look at other brands, the Diva by Swans(5.1 or 6.1 with your budget) have been widely acclaimed.

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