Apple TV brings in over $1B for 2013

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Kevin Collins, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Apple has always claimed in their financial reports that Apple TV is a hobby. Well, $1B in sales seems to be a little bit more than an hobby. Priced @ $99 there is the sweet spot for a large swath of consumers to try it out. I have one, but rarely use it -- accept for when I want to use AirPlay with my iPad to through streaming video to the HDTV.

    A new version of Apple TV is rumored to be announced this April and it is expected to have a new processor with higher performance and an upgraded UX. Apple is reportedly negotiating over a new agreement with Time Warner Cable which would be the first agreement with a cable or satellite provider.

    Of course, this all leads to the long standing rumor of Apple coming out with their own HDTV. Could the amount of folks that own a Apple TV reach the tipping point that Apple feels they will have the "right formula" to launch such an effort?

  2. The funny thing is, the poll in the next thread down is , what is the most popular video streaming service, and this box does NONE of them?

    What is your favorite "pay-per-view" video streaming service?
    [*][​IMG] VUDU (10 votes [83.33%] - View)

    [*]CinemaNow [color=rgb(116,116,116);font-size:11px;margin-left:5px;](0 votes [0.00%])[/color]

    [*]M-Go [color=rgb(116,116,116);font-size:11px;margin-left:5px;](0 votes [0.00%])[/color]

    [*]Redbox [color=rgb(116,116,116);font-size:11px;margin-left:5px;](0 votes [0.00%])[/color]

    [*]Target Ticket [color=rgb(116,116,116);font-size:11px;margin-left:5px;](0 votes [0.00%])[/color]

    [*]Other (2 votes [16.67%] - View)
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    As much as I love vudu, the poll is biased. There's only one non-UV service is Redbox Instant. To be fair, I would have made the Poll like this:

    Amazon Prime
    Amazon Instant
    Redbox Instant
    Target Ticket
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    I believe since apple tv is such a simple service it should be included in more advanced devices. Since all it does is turn an ipad, iphone into a readable format. If one plugs their computer into a tv you have access to all the itunes elements.I own an apple tv as well, and of course i know it has apps which can be nice but I feel they are just making $100 by turning that little box into a wifi unit for an apple product that should already be included in their devices.

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