Apple TV and Streaming?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Johnny Angell, Oct 17, 2012.

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    I called ATT back this morning and got a better deal. This csr was able to get me Max (12mbps) and Unlimited Phone for a total of $57 monthly. Yesterday the csr wanted full pop of 76 for Max and 250 phone. (250 minutes). I learned this morning that even incoming and toll-free calls count against the 250'.

    Yesterday's csr also wanted $100 install fee and a router free after $100 rebate. Today, the install is free and so is the router and no rebate to worry about.

    The taxes and fees on the UVerse phone will be less than the dsl phone.

    It will be installed this Friday. I sure hope this is significant improvement over my 6mbps dsl. I'd like to be able to rent and stream movies and give Amazon Prime a try for more than just the 2-day shipping.

    The csr even suggested calling back before the 12 month promotional period is up to see if what deals were available. I think a year from now we're going to give very serious thought to dropping the landline if we can't get a deal we like.
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    Who still uses landline?Granted I've been on cellular internet for almost a decade. My Lexmark printer bluetooths to my cell phone to send faxes.

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