Apple starts selling HD (720P) movies for Mac

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ted Todorov, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Rentals as well. Of course AppleTV is supported as well, but this is the first time Apple is offering theatrical HD movies on the Mac itself. It will be interesting if there is DRM on the video output (something that existed on some HD TV shows and SD movies but not others?)

    Movie Fans Can Buy & Rent Films in High Definition on the iTunes Store

    I guess it will be a looong wait for Blu-ray now that Apple is in direct competition. Or maybe a short one, if Apple did a "we'll support BD if you let us sell HD movies through iTunes" deal with the studios.

    FWIW: They are up for pre-order at $14.99
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    I heard there was a 5.1 encoding problem: only the AppleTV could do surround sound from iTunes videos. Is this true, or at least fixed now?

    With a DVI->HDMI converter I could have sweet, sweet iTunes HD video on my new plasma [​IMG] I'm quite intrigued by this development.

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