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    Jan 10, 2002
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    Just wanted folks to know that I did appreciate the answers to my questions in the 1803/maelstorm thread. Things got real busy at work and home. Anyway I ended up buying 6' of 24" sonotube(1' of 30" as well to verify if it would fit thru interior door). I haven't bought the speaker(s) yet but am leaning towards the tempest(s) do to eq and power requirements of a 1803. That could push the price up enough to lose w.a.f.(wife approval factor for those not married).

    With the given tube size looks like gross volume of ~530L. When modeling in LspCad that seems to small for 2 tempests. I beleive that it is my setup in LspCad though because I've seen many posts building/refering to tubes 400-480L.

    Anyway after figuring on the design I liked the look of for the tube I decided 6' length was max I could go. With endcaps and bases(top will mirror bottom), I'm looking at a finished tube ~7' tall.

    Pat, glad I took your advise on making sure 30" would fit thru door(it wouldn't).

    Hopefully things will slow down fairly quick so I can start this project.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: 30" wide sonotube - *Chuckle*

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