APEX 600: I did SUCH a dumb thing.....

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    I tried upgrading the firmware for this via CDR and software I got at nerd-out. Well..it did not go as it should have so I figured, ok, open the thing up. Seems if you don't do the CDR properly you kill the drive. I got an error message so I shut the drawer and powered down...powered up again and then zip! The logo comes up on screen..but no front panel lights. Thus..my ill advised venture inside the 600. Here is my problem...

    The drive does NOT come out easily at all!!!!! And I have odds and ends of Apex scattered about and no end in sight. What I need is some directions/schematics on how to disect/re-sect this thing..and put in a new drive or be able to test for sure the obliteration of the old one. I HAVE posted on nerd-out..but no reply. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanked for in advance.
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    My best advice is to visit Circuit City and get a new one for $69.99.

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