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Aperion vs PSB (1 Viewer)

Robert Potter

Nov 5, 2004
I have done some searches but haven't found any comments comparing the Aperion speaker system with the PSB. Both get favorable reviews from a variety of on-line sources, but does anyone here have a sense for which is better? And between the PSBs, I am looking more at the Image series than the Alpha.

I will be setting up a 5.1 system in a moderately sized room with about equal use between movies and music, primarily jazz and classical.

This will be for a new home we are going to in FL in a few weeks. My two channel system at home uses the NAD Silver series integrated amp and Spender 1/2E epeakers. I like the warm, natural reproducition, although the bass is a bit weaker than ideal. Perhaps this gives you a sense of what I'm looking for.

Of coruse I want to buy the stuff on-line becuase it is significantly cheaper!

I suppose this is one of those unanswerable questions, such as, "Which is better, a Mercedes or BMW?" Having owned both, I can say they are both fine cars, but with very different personalities.

Thanks so much for any observations.

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