Apartment Hunting: I need a South facing window/patio/balcony and what else?

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    I'm looking to upgrade to a Dishwasher and Central Air. However, I also would like to get a dish service instead of cable.
    1) What should I look in an apartment with respect to receiving satellite service? From what I've read I need a window capable of replacement with plexiglass) and SW-SE access. What else?
    2) My "Legal" address is just outside of Boston, but my "living" address will remain within the Milwaukee area. I would like to watch any Red Sox game I choose. Can I signup as a MA resident and be able to watch NESN and Fox TV broadcasts in WI?? (I don't need the Milwaukee locals, and I'm not interseted in seeing all the Brewers games.)
    Thanks for any advice.
    (If anyone knows where to buy a compass for this task, I'm open to suggestions.)
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    1) Take a look at one of those pointing programs. The provideers typ have something on their site or go tohttp://www.dbsforums.com/ . A balcony is nice, but windows can be done.
    2) You can do what you want, but if you get any of the sport packages it needs to be connected to a phone line. If you want to watch the MA local channels you can do that, but never plug the unit in. You may have to be in MA when you call in to setup the service if you go the MA locals route.
    You should be able to get the Boston locals from ExpressVue or Star Choice (Canadian DBS systems). Seehttp://www.kusat.com/ andhttp://www.smalldish.com/ .

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