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    Jan 27, 2002
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    Any advice to muffle some of the sound in our apt, so the neighbors above aren't disturbed?
  2. Scott Hayes

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    Oct 2, 2001
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    I live in an efficiancy apartment. The dimentions are 15'lx12'wx9.5'h.
    I originally had alot of problems from the neighbors with complaints about sound, particularly bass.
    First thing I did was hang heavy curtains over the windows. Then I made curtains for the entrance way which I can hang up while watching a movie. I also got alot of pillows for the sofa. Fill the room with stuff. It breaks up reflection. Get some bookcases and fill them with books or whatever. All this helps absorb sound.
    The best thing I did though was get a 16"x16"x2" slab of concrete from Home Depot for 2$ for the sub, that virtually eliminated the bass from leaking to the other apartments. I also found that the bass sounded cleaner and tighter.
    Because all my speakers are floorstanding I wanted to get the back speakers a little higher so I put them on concrete cinder blocks. This helped with keeping the bass from escaping the room.
    Finally I experimented with gluing a remnant of carpeting to a 4'x4'x1/2" peice of plywood. I made two of them which I can hang on the walls near the front two main speakers. I can take them down while I am not watching movies. I do think that this helps but I am not sure that it is necasary.
    Sometimes you can quiet a room too much so I dont always use them. I may cut them down to a smaller size and see how that is.
    Invite your neighbors over too watch movies. It helps if they enjoy it too. Cuts down on complaints.[​IMG]
    I hope this info helps, it all worked for me.
    My equipment:
    TV Mitsu 46" ws rptv hdtv
    receiver: Marantz SR6200 bi amped with a B&K 2channel amp
    Main Speakers: Polk Audio RT800I
    Rear Speakers: Polk Audio RT600I
    Center Speaker: Polk Audio CS350LS
    Subwoofer: Polk Audio PSW450 12"sub
    DVD Toshiba SD6200

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