Anyone worried about MAR on HD DVD/Blu Ray?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Shane Martin, Apr 6, 2005.

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    The closer HD DVD/Blu Ray get to the market, the closer I start to wonder if we'll start seeing lots of MAR dvd's or dual releases. MAR on HD DVD/Blu Ray would be like reformating movies with larger aspect ratios than 1.78 to 1.78. The reason for my concern is 2 fold.

    1. Alot of folks don't have aspect ratio control on their HD input

    2. Look at the current offerings of HBo etc and watching them MAR up 2.35 is scary. I know some of their films are OAR on HBo for instance but those are current new stuff. They are usually transfers done back in early 2000/late 90's(as far as I read on AVS..).

    This maybe a moot point if the format remains a niche but I can't imagine Hollywood will want to do that. They'll want to attract more buyers and if those buyers are J6P who wants their screen filled up, then I suspect the format might be going down the same road as we are at now with DVD.

    Am I offbase with my worries?
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    That's not the only worry. Since all HD is meant to be shown on a 16:9 set, you could also get 4:3 movies cropped to fit the 16:9 screen. That said, the fact that HD will initially be marketed to early adopters and not the "mass market" would make it less likely that films will be MAR'd.
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    Michael Osadciw
    My biggest fear as well is cropping the top and bottom off of something shot in 4:3 (1.33:1).

    Look what happened to the latest version of The Evil Dead and Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii: Director's Cut. They feel very congested and claustrophobic while watching it cropped.

  4. Vader

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    That may be a problem unto itself, as while the studios are pushing DVI-only HD content, most of the "early adopters" (the same ones who made DVD the phenomenon it is today) have component inputs (all HDTVs prior to 2003). As is obvious from multiple other posts, most of the peole here are not going to simply go out and buy a new set simply for HD; They will wait until they upgrade naturally. This will substantially slow the adoption of the new format (even stall it completely). If the powers that be think they can limit the audience to those with DVI, and at the same time enjoy a launch anywhere near SD DVD, they are dreaming. In the midst of their paranoia-induced delusions, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

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