Anyone With HDTV in Las Vegas?

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    I have a WS-65907 Mits TV. I live in Las Vegas and have Cox Digital Cable. Does anyone here get HDTV programing from Cox Cable in Las Vegas and what do you need to get HDTV, a special cable box and a STB for the Mits? The Mits is HDTV ready. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have called the cable company but they could not give me a straight answer. I saw HBOHD on the channel guide awhile ago but it does not seem to be there anymore. The PBS station had an article in the newspaper about putting out HDTV. Any body in Vegas getting HDTV?
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    First try going to Titan TV. They will show which local stations are broadcasting in digital in your area. Second, go to Antenna Web to find out how far you are away from the TV broadcast antennas. If Cox cable is carrying HD signals, you will need a special digital cable box if they are scambled. If they aren't scrambled, any HD receiver will decode them. If all of your local digital stations aren't carried on Cox, then you need an antenna and an HD receiver capable of picking up HD. If you want HBO-HD, Showtime-HD or HDNet (sports on DirecTV only) and they aren't carried on Cox, then you need an HD receiver with satellite reception.
    Samsung model 150 - Over The Air (OTA) only
    All DirecTV HD receivers will pick up OTA in addition to the full DirecTV programming.
    Dish Network HD 6000 - Full Dish programming and OTA with an add-on card in the back of the receiver.
    Scientific Atlanta HD boxes are used by a lot of cable companies especially Time Warner.
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    Not at this time and the official word from Cox is they are not sure when they will make HDTV availble. I have seen HDTV tests around the 700 channel area in the last month. One day they where streaming HBO 1 and our local CBS affiliate in HDTV and have seen HDTV test screens also. Keep our fingers crossed that it will happen soon.

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