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Anyone using Rotel/Pioneer/B&K and Paradigm Reference speakers? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 3, 2002
Hey guys,
I'm still trying to decide which way to go in terms of my theater room. Right now I have a few things floating around in terms of ideas... here they are:
1.) Pioneer 49TX Receiver
2.) Rotel RSP-1066 and Rotel amps (silver of course :P )
3.) Rotal RSX-1065 Receiver in SILVER
4.) B&K Ref 30 and some amp SILVER
5.) B&K AV307 Receiver SILVER
I am currently running Paradigm Reference Studio 40's for the fronts, Studio CC for the center and sidewall mounted ADP-450 dipoles for the sides. I plan on either getting another set of 40's for the rear surrounds or upgrading the fronts to Studio 100's and moving the 40's to the rear. My main question is... does anyone use any of the above gear with their Paradigm Ref stuff? I find the Paradigms to be VERY flat in terms of frequency response... i.e. more like a music studio monitor, not bright, nor boomy. I listen to mainly metal and jazz and obviously will be watching lots of DVDs and Hi-Def Satellite programming in this room. Do any of the above choices match up better with the Paradigms than than another one? I tend to like a slightly brighter sound than what I was getting from my Marantz SR-8000 receiver through these Paradigms.
Thanks for any help,
Jeff in Houston

Aslam Imran

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Mar 1, 2002
It seems like the 49TX is not for you as it doesnt come in Silver (and it seems like you are bigtime into silver gear). Also rotel doesnt make silver amps. So the best choice I think for you would be RSP- 1066 + B&K 7270 (silver ofcourse). B&K amps tie well with Paradigm as they lean towards bright while the B&K amps lean towards warm, so you would get a fairly neutral combo.

Dean Mar

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Feb 28, 2002

My system consists of a B&K AVR 305 and Paradigm Reference Studio 100's , CC and ADP's.

I would ask you, how much do you use the system for music vs movies ? How big is your room ? Are you going to add a sub?

I tend to agree with you, that the Paradigms have a very flat frequency response. Certainly no coloration of the music and a little bit forward. Though I have not heard my Paradigms with anything else but my B&K, I wouldn't consider the overall sound to be warm. I would best describe it as being very clean and clear sounding.

Still looking to add a sub to my system which is used in a 8000 cubic foot room more for music than movies.


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Mar 16, 2002
I use the 49tx (black of course) as a pre pro with a parasound 2205 and I am driving parardigm studio 100s its a great combo. I do have my eye on the new "Halo" line of amps and pre pros....is this ever going to end?:crazy:

Steve Morgan

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Nov 10, 1999
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Jeff I used to own the Paradigm Studio 100's with the CC450 and the ADP450's with a set of Active 20's.I drove them with a DSP-A1 and then a RX-V1 they really didn't start to sing until I added a Parasound 2205a with a Ref 30.The amp was the difference.If you do a search you will see tha the Parasound amps mate very well with the Paradigms.BTW I will have a 2205a for sell next week. If interested e-mail me. I live 2 hours from you in Lufkin.

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