Anyone seen any reviews for MGMs upcoming Midnite Movies Collection?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Gordon McMurphy, Aug 5, 2002.

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    I have read some great reviews for The Last House On The Left, but what I really, really want to know is: What are the transfers like for The Masque Of The Red Death / Premature Burial and Scream And Scream Again / The Oblong Box. Anyone heard anything?
    Oh, and as I live in Britain, I was treated recently to the great Nic Roeg's (DP on Masque) Don't Look Now and The Man Who Fell To Earth on DVD. The transfers are superb. Man Who Fell has a much better transfer than the crummy Fox Lorber region 1 edition. Man, that transfer was DARK, way too dark. This new transfer was a revelation. One of the great Panavision movies. Anthony Richmond - hero of Cinema , says I! [​IMG] Both DVDs have a superb new 20+ minute retrospective look-back. Quality.
    Oh, American fans will get a release of Don't Look Now in September from Paramount, but alas, with no extras. [​IMG] But Anchor Bay are gonna release a THX DTS 6.1 edition of The Man Who Fell To Earth in early 2003, which I will gladly exchange funds for! [​IMG]
    Thanks for reading.
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    I have preview copies of the Masque Of The Red Death / Premature Burial and The Oblong Box / Scream And Scream Again discs, and plan to have reviews up at the Monday of the week of their release -- Aug. 26.

    For a yummy foretaste, I watched Masque Of The Red Death a few nights ago and, as expected, loved the movie and was very impressed with how it looks and sounds. It's a remarkably clean and vivid print (the almost comic book-like color palette is well served) with clear, strong audio. And of course Vincent Price is in top form. There's a brand new mini-documentary (~19 minutes, as I recall) that's purely Corman telling us about the experience of crafting Masque. Like his commentary tracks on the Fall of the House of Usher and Pit and the Pendulum discs, he impresses with his geniality, clear-as-a-bell memory, and throw-out-the-textbooks education in how to make a good movie on a tight budget by getting everything right the first time.

    I expect the others to be at least as enjoyable. From what I can tell so far, you'll be quite pleased with these.

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