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Anyone own authentic film memorabilia ? (1 Viewer)

Marc Colella

Senior HTF Member
Jun 19, 1999
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum (it seems the most appropriate to me.
I was watching a special on Saturday Night Fever and they made mention of Gene Siskel purchasing Travolta's famous white suit at an auction.
Was wondering if anyone here owns a piece of film memorabilia. If so, what item and from what film?

Steven K

Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2000
The sports card shop that I used to patronize religiously as a kid (about 12 years ago, called "The Ole Ball Park") used to have, for sale, the game-show uniform that Arnold wore in "The Running Man." I dont remember how much they had it listed for, but they had it in a nice glass case and it was always an eye-opener.

Derek Miner

Feb 22, 1999
Kevin Smith auctioned off some memoribilia from his films a couple years ago... I was ready to bid on a set of Mooby's fast food containers used in Dogma, but I didn't get to the site in time... I regret that quite a bit.
I would love to own an actual prop of some sort used in a movie.
= Derek =

Mark Cappelletty

Senior HTF Member
Jun 6, 1999
I have a couple of things-- an authentic "Stuff" container signed by Larry Cohen (he was giving these things away at the 1996 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors at LAX); a sword and shield from "Army of Darkness" (given to me by an old co-worker whose husband was a gaffer on it) and a souvenir cup from a festival sequence from the upcoming "Spider-Man" that I got when I played hooky from work about 6 months ago and was an extra for a day.
I only wish I'd been loaded with $ when they were selling off Mystery Science Theater 3000 memorabilia from Best Brains on eBay.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 28, 1998
Nothing for Movies but for music yes
Tommy Lees Drumstick -I caught it at a concert in 83
A Kiss pick-Paul Stanleys
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Sam Hatch

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 22, 2000
Mostly 'Fight Club' stuff --
A support meeting directory for 'Bradford and outlying areas (July '99 - February '00).
An 'occupied' sign from the police interrogation scene.
A Paper Street Soap Co. carbon invoice sheet ("Makers of All Natural Handmade Soaps" - 537 Paper Street, Bradford 198080 (288)555-0153)
A Paper Street Soap Co. "Oatmeal & Vanilla Bean" soap wrapper. (6.1 oz 170g Net Wt. Earth Safe - Cruelty Free)
A Federated Motor Corporation 'Recall Coordinator' business card (39210 N. Pennfield Blvd./email: mailto:[email protected]
Other than that, I have a few things my parents picked up for me in Florida - like Wilton Academy graduation program and textbook covers from 'Dead Poets Society' and a Dew Drop Inn hotel key from 'From Dusk Till Dawn'
Unfortunately, I ran out of cash before the Fight Club clothes hit the market. Strangely enough, my girlfriend said she'd stop seeing me if I wore Tyler Durden clothes the exact same week I was toying with bidding on stuff like his red leather jacket, furry jacket and 'Hustler' shirt.
"Negative. I am a meat popsicle."

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