Anyone here use Dreamweaver MX?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Mike__D, Jun 24, 2003.

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    Can I use server side includes with http references? For example, I use a server side includes for the logo and navigation menu. These items are referenced by http, rather than file path, since I have different levels in my directory structure. This makes it easy to reference a link or picture from different locations within the directories.

    Problem is, Dreamweaver MX does display these items, so using the visual editor, especially for placing layers, is useless. Any help? Thanks!

    Mike D.
  2. Darren Lewis

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    Jul 17, 2000
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    Hi, I've got Dreamweaver MX.

    I don't think you can call an SSI using a http address.

    I use PHP include("file.php"); in my templates which I reference by the absolute server path (/home/www/file.php) rather than the relative path (../file.php).
    This overcomes the folder hierarchy problem.

    When inserting your SSI, choose Relative To: Site Root rather than Document. This will create a virtual SSI rather than a file SSI.

    Are you running Apache or IIS as your web server?

    Virtual SSI will only work with Apache. IIS won’t allow you to include a file in a folder above the current folder in the folder hierarchy, unless special software has been installed on the server.

    Hope that help.

  3. Patrick Larkin

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    In Apache (and other web servers I've used) you can point to a file anywhere in your document tree by referring to it from the root. So, if you have an "images" directory at the root of the tree, you can refer to an image anywhere in your site by:


    The preceding / tells apache to start at the root and work rightward. I would think SSI's work similarly. I rarely use them sticking with the middleware includes.

    Oh, and I'd hope that http includes WOULDN'T work because then people could include pages that don't belong to them.

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