Anyone here see that heartbreaking film 'THE SAINT OF FORT WASHINGTON'?

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    I was reminded of this wonderful film recently and just was wondering if anyone has seen it, and if so what you thought of it.
    For those who havn't, I highly recommend it.
    It concerns the homeless, and stars Danny Glover and Matt Dillon as two men, one a vietnam vet with shrapnel in his knee (Glover), and the other a mentally ill young man (Dillon) who likes to take pictures, however has no film in his camera, who are trying to survive on the streets of New York during one particularlly cold and unforgiving winter.
    They come to form a strong bond as Glover's charactor takes Dillon's charactor in and treats him as a son. They get by by staying in shelters on the nights when the temperature drops to dangerous levels, wash the windshields of cars, and save the money they make to start their own fruit stand.
    The first time I saw this film was on HBO one night about 5 years ago or so, the film just broke my heart. It's so sad, but at the same time it feels so genuin and the emotion you feel is real. In short, the film is very sad, but it doesn't push your buttons or feel forced, and the performances by the two leads are just outstanding. Glover breaks his Lethal Weapon persona and delivers a performance of a man who has seen a lot, too much. And Dillon is just a revelation here, the best performance of his carreer IMO. It's also the last film actor/comedian Rick Avilas made before his death from AIDS.
    It's too bad it's not available on dvd, i'd pick it up in a heartbeat! Just a great little film. [​IMG]
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    That sounds like a great movie. I'll definitely have to check it out. Danny Glover is a wonderful actor.
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    I recommend this film too. It will change the way you look at the homeless.

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