Anyone here have a '99 GMC Sonoma or Chevy S-10?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Scott Strang, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Scott Strang

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    Let me start by saying that I basically liked the truck until Friday night. It only has 43K and I bought the truck new.

    The seat back release lever shaft on the driver side sheared off a couple months ago. Fortunately it was in the ideal angle (not reclined) and I figured it was a fluke. It didn't piss me.

    Well Friday night my wife and I were leaving her sister's house and my poor little wife had a headache. Being the good psuedo decent non-toad husband I am, I tried to recline her seat for her so that she could lay back. It can be comfortable when laying back and the extended cab allows for ample room.

    We I'll be damned if the passenger side lever shaft also sheared off. This time I was pissed.

    I mean, both of them? That's bullshit Today I called the dealership and they said that a recall should exist for those since they break "all of the time" but here isn't one. I asked about any kind of silent recall and he also said that there isn't one of those either.

    The latches are $57 each and the labor is $92 per seat.

    I looked at the contruction of the seat since I can usually fix non-critical items myself. I like to do it and it's cheaper.

    This is my second new GMC truck. My first one was a '93 SLE Sonoma I bought new and it was paid for. Everything worked and it never gave me a moment's trouble for all of the 140K miles I put on it. It also had a 2.8 V6; not real high power but lower RPM's than the 2.2L 4 banger in my new truck. The only reason I ditched was so that my wife could get a new car she really wanted and I gave it to her for a trade in.

    I bought this truck off the lot since I really didn't have time to wait for another one by special order or from another dealership.

    Sad fact is that I like the look and design of the small GM trucks and for my uses they're really a better fit.

    I was considering a full size GM truck for my next purchase, but I'm reluctant to buy another of their's.

    Crystler products are out of the question so I'm basically left with Ford or an import. My only reservation with imports is the cost of parts and insurance.

    This may seem like nit picky stuff, but this has gotten under my skin.
  2. Zen Butler

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    This is a common problem with S/10 and Sonomas, they used a cheap pot metal on the recline mechanism's. Some dealers may replace them at no charge, it seems you've already asked. I've had many late models come in with both damaged.
    I drive a Ford, but I will say the GM transmision and motors are a bit more reliable in the larger vehicles. The interiors of GM though is very cheap. Everything from buttons and knobs, I stock evry interior knob, switch(mirror especially) that they have 92 and up. My 2002 Ford has a MAzda transmission though which seems to be a bit more reliable across the board than the A4LD that I have to keep one bench in stock at all times!
    It's a bummer the dealer won't cover those recliners, and depending on which one I deal with, I can usually get them comped. Maybe ask for a better break on the parts and labor, good luck
  3. Jared_B

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    May 7, 2001
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    Scott, I owned a '99 S-10 4x4 a while back. The passenger seat lever never broke, but the seat-back would not lock into place after being reclined. It vibrated and rattled like crazy - drove my wife crazy to when she sat in it. My dealer fixed it (was still under warranty).

    I also had numerous problems with water leaking into the cab. Took the dealer 2 or 3 times to find all the leaks. I also had the 4x4 selector switch break. I have since sold the truck, and will probably steer clear of domestics in the future. If you want reliability, you have to go import. If you want a big, high payload truck - you have to buy domestic.

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