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Anyone heard of Krix Loudspeakers? (1 Viewer)

Ryan Johnson

Apr 29, 2002
Howdy, long time reader first time poster.
I have been gathering massive amounts of info on everything thanks to this forum but I was wondering specifically about Krix loudspeakers. Anyone have any from there line? If so how's the sound and build quality? Sorry for the 20Q's just trying to get some questions answered. Thanks in advance. :)
Side note:
Anyone in the Atlanta area know of any dealers that sell Krix, I would like to hear a pair first hand.

Joe Wong

Jun 8, 1999
Krix are one of the many Australian speaker companies that have gained a reputation for good quality sound. Others include Orpheus (orpheusaudio.com.au - I owned a pair of the Aurora 3s and they were sweet!) and Vaf (vaf.com.au).

Krix, I believe, supply their speakers to a lot of cinemas in Australia.



Stunt Coordinator
Nov 26, 2001
Happily, being an Aussie I can answer some of your questions. Welcome to HTF btw :)
Build quality is excellent, they use real wood veneers, and the cabinets are massively braced and are quite hefty. They make their own drivers I believe. I have heard the Krix Lyrix (there is now a Lyrix "Gold" version) in stereo, and the KDX-M/C five channel setup. The Lyrix are very detailed, with sweet and extended highs. Bass is equally impressive (although Krix does goose up the bass a little for more "impact"- nothing that can't be fixed with correct positioning). I listened to some Mozart piano pieces, and they were tonally very accurate. KDX-M's in HT were breath-taking. The midrange is very articulate, and for the price, are unbeatable value. Both these speakers are their mid-range models, so I'm sure the upper range ones would improve on the sound even more. Btw, all listening was done through a Marantz SR-7000 and Denon DVD player.
VAF, at least in Australia, are perhaps even better value than Krix (sold as kits). And Krix supplies many Aussie theaters (you can check out their professional HT stuff on the webpage).
Hope this helped,

Peter Johnson

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 12, 2000
I own Krix Lyrix (not gold, which I have yet to hear).

These comments are based on the $AU1200-1300 price. In the US, I heard they are about twice the price.

Basically, for what they cost in Australia, IMO they are pretty much unbeatable for the money. Probably the only hifi component I own that at some point I have not had a regret about buying.

You get A LOT of sound for the money. Its not the most refined sound I've heard (my nOrh 7.0's tear them apart in that manner), but they are amongst the most listenable speakers I have ever heard. Never fatiguing, and as was already said..very sweet sounding. They arent the last word in detail..

VERY good for HT, as they are very dynamic sounding. Bass is very good for the money, if not the best I have heard. The upper mids could be a little sharper if anything..

Bill Lucas

Supporting Actor
Mar 20, 1999
There is one importer for Krix speakers in the US and they are evaluating whether or not they will continue to import and distribute the line. A shame, it's a damned good speaker line.

Ryan Johnson

Apr 29, 2002
Thanks for all the quick responses and thanks Mike_Ch for the welcome. :)
I have heard nothing but good things about these speakers my only problem is wanting to hear before I buy. I've been calling a few HT stores in the ATL. area but no such luck. Maybe someone will pick up the line so I can hear'em fist hand.

Matt Roy

Jun 18, 2002
Hi Ryan,
I too can personally vouch for the Krix range of speakers.
I actually worked in a hi-fi store 5-6 years ago and was selling Kris, Duntech, B&W to name a few. And I always felt that the Krix were by far the best value for money, in fact I once sold 8 pairs of the Lyrix in one day and the city I lived in only had a population of roughly 100,000.
Anyway, I always dreamed of getting a complete set of them for Home Theatre and Hi-Fi use. 4 months ago I was ready to purchase and lashed out on a complete Home Theatre system using only Krix speakers.
Lyrix Gold as the main speakers and I can honestly say that they are even better than the multi award winning Lyrix. They look better and the tweeter and base drivers are a couple of steps higher in the "parts catalogue" than those used in the old model.
I also can't speak highly enough of the KDXM/C speakers which I use as rears and centre.
Then to top the system off get yourself a one Krix's subwoofers. I have the Seismix 5, which utilises a single 12" driver with a 200-250W built in amp. This things is simply amazing....I used to have the Seismix 7 but it was too big/powerful for my needs nowadays. But it is a truly amazing piece of hardware.
Jeez, this sounds like a sales pitch but I just love my system so much that I can't wait for new movies to come out just so I have an excuse to crank it up again !!! The build quality as another member stated is also second to none. People think my subwoofer is actually a coffee table...beautifully polished Australian Jarrah etc etc.
I have teamed these speakers with the Sony STR-DA777ES (I think that's the right model code) amplifier which does a fantastic job. There may be better value for money amps out there but I managed to get mine for an amazing price....40% off retail !!!
And if you needed any more convincing, I actually hadn't heard the new Lyrix Gold or any Krix speakers for that matter in 5 years and I purchased mine over the phone sight unseen...in fact I think I got the first set of Lyrix Gold's in Queensland.
Cheers !!! ;) :D ;) :D ;)

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