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    Oct 2, 2002
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    And would be a great guy and help me set mine up?

    I juts got a new HT system, and cannot figure out what to do! I have:

    Toshiba TN55X81 (2 component inputs)
    JVC DVD Player (progessive scan)
    Denon 1803
    Scienfic Atlanta 3100HD Cable Box

    I also have 100 ft of speaker wire, but the speaker wire doesnt have the normal black and red wires, it also has green and white?

    If anyone can help, Id be very grafeful...Id even call you to go over via telephone!

    THANKS! And if anyone can help me and get me up and running, I just may have to buy them a DVD as a thank you!
  2. Michael Mathius

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    Nov 12, 2000
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    Connect the dvd player directly to the Toshiba TN55X81 via the component input. You can then connect the Scienfic Atlanta 3100HD Cable Box to the other component input. Then the Tivo via the s-video to the tv.
    You will have to switch the tv to the respective video inputs to view your cable, tivo and dvd. This is the simply way.
    I on the other hand have everything going through my Denon 3802 receiver since my tv only has one component input. My hdstb and dvd are connected to the receiver component inputs and then the output from the receiver goes to the tv. I also have tivo and a vcr which goes to the receiver and then to the tvs. My hookup is a little complicated because I'm using three tvs in my system. But if you wanted to do all you switching through you receiver you will need a few more cables and I can help you with it.
    You should get some 12 gauge wire from homedepot for .39per foot. What speakers are you using?
    Good luck and welcome[​IMG]
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