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Anyone have any contact info for Target Corporate? (1 Viewer)

Lee L

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Oct 26, 2000
A few weeks ago, my wife saw a metal and fabric Gazebo that she thought would be great for out patio. Every Target in the area has this same Gazebo on display and several have some showing in inventory on the computer, yet they do not have any in the store or know when one might be coming.

According to the floor employees and management at several of these stores, the individual store has no idea what inventory items will be shipped to them on any given truck so I am forced to call random Targets in hopes that they just stumbled across one on the truck. Also, twice I have been told by employees that one came in a few days ago and got bought up right away.

I have one asst manager and one dept manager who are supposed to call me if they see any but at least one of those stores has evidently gotten one in and sold it (according to floor employees) and I have not heard from the assitant manager. The problem is that Target has no offical rain check system so I am left to some guy putting a sticky note on his monitor and hoping to remember to look out for the item and then call me.

This system seems designed to frustrate customers as you have no idea when something might come in and can't order one either. The gazebo does show up on Target's website but shipping is $50-$60 and since I have been told 10 times that "Target.com is an entirely seperate company" so they cannot order one at the store and waive shipping like many other stores will do.

I would like to try to call someone at the district manager level who might actuall have the authority to satify a customer at Target to find out what is going on with this thing.

Kyle England

Jan 4, 2013
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Kyle England
Hi i'm actually a target employee myself and i understand your frustrations. I would love if they would tell us what and when it comes in. Some thing that they should of offered you is the Target Red Card either a Credit or Debit card that you can use just like the debit card you have with your bank but saves you not only an extra 5% for every shopping trip but also gets you free shipping every time when you make a purchase online on top of that 5% discount you recieve you could try going this route to see if that helps

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