anyone familiar with this "Subwoofer optimizer system" by speaker city?

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    This is from their website....which is located
    in their catalogue on sells for US$300.

    I'm trying to get a device to integrate a newly received SVS 20-39pc+ subwoofer into my 2 channel system.
    (i have a unico 2 channel integrated amp, a pair of gibbon 8 speakers and a sony 999 es sacd/dvd player).

    The Automated Controlled Environments, inc. Subwoofer Optimizer System (SOS) is an automatically calibrating, subwoofer optimization component, that acts to attenuate an audio system's major room mode resonance to provide significant improvement in measured and subjective bass system performance. After installation and calibration, your system will have a more linear frequency response, bass evenness, tightness, extension, and improved sound clarity.

    The SOS will work with any powered subwoofer system that uses a line level input to the amplifier section. Subwoofers that utilize high level inputs (speaker line output) from a receiver/amplifier or those with internal active crossovers will NOT work with the SOS.

    The Subwoofer Optimizer - How it Works

    The Subwoofer Optimizer System makes use of a unique process which combines processor controlled digital operation with Analog Signal Processing (ASP) technology. The digital circuitry is used to set the calibration level, generate test tones, identify room resonances, and set filter parameters. The unit performs this procedure automatically using the special calibration microphone, which is included with the system. When the calibration procedure is complete, the digital portion of the unit's circuitry is turned off so as not to interfere with the analog signals passing through the unit.

    The following graph from a spectrum analyzer output plot demonstrates the effect of the SOS’s ASP technology on an actual subwoofer in a large room. The upper line represents the subwoofer’s response from 20 to 80 hertz with a constant input. The curve shows a broad hump (major room mode resonance) between 50 and 80 hertz. This hump produces a very audible peak in subwoofer output for signals within this range and a ‘one-note’ characteristic for all frequencies within this region. The lower line represents the same subwoofer’s response, with the same inputs, after incorporation of the SOS’s calibrated filter added to the system. The new curve shows a reduction to the output between 50 and 80 hertz, and a smoothing of the overall response for this region.

    The benefits provided by the SOS are immediately evident and can be further demonstrated by use of the unit's test tone and by-pass capabilities. Through the use of the front panel switches, test tones can be generated through the connected subwoofer, both with and without incorporation of the calibrated filter. This allows evaluation of the filter effects on the listening environment. The by-pass setting switches all effects of the SOS out of the system allowing normal unfiltered operation and a 'before and after' comparison of system response. Once integrated with the system there is nothing else to unplug or change cables between. The SOS even retains its calibration information with the power off, so there is no need to repeat the set-up procedure until a new calibration is desired.

    The ASP technology used by the SOS incorporates state-of-the-art programmable analog components in a unique parametric filter topology. This allows for a specific filter, in terms of center frequency (fc), attenuation level (gain), and filter order (Q), which is automatically and accurately tailored to eliminate the primary room resonance of the listening environment. By using ASP technology, the SOS automates the calibration, measurement, and adjustment process while dramatically shortening the time required to re-optimize the listening environment following changes in equipment or the room features. In addition, since the SOS is totally automatic, the possibilities of errors introduced by the consumer are reduced.

    What's Included

    The Automated Controlled Environments, inc. Subwoofer Optimizer System consists of a interface unit, which is connected between the existing low frequency signal source and the subwoofer amplifier, an interconnect cable, and a detachable calibration microphone and cable. In use, the unit is inserted into the subwoofer signal line and powered by use of a small transformer. The microphone and cable is only used during unit calibration and is removed during normal operation. Once the unit is calibrated for the particular listening environment, no additional user interaction is required.
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