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Anyone familiar w/ Pioneer CLV 920 LD player? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 25, 2001
I'm snooping about for an old laserdisc player, (I want the Star Wars OT and can't wait), and a pawn shop about 30 miles north has a Pioneer "CLV" or "CLKV" (?) 920. I've only spoken on the phone to the guy, but he seems to think it needs a special type of Pioneer receiver for audio. I can't find anything about this on the net...

If anyone knows whether this unit requires special equipment like he says, knows what a good price is for it, or just has any general comments on the machine, I'd be real grateful. Thank y'all.

Rachael B

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Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
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Christopher, if there is a "V" in a player's model # it's an industrial player. That could be good or bad or both. What could be good: industrial players are well built and generally have pretty good picture quality. The bad is the unit may not be remote capable. Check does it have a composite video output? or just an RF output? Being an industrial player it may be very used and very worn out...?

All LD players have L & R audio outputs. Those you can use, no question. I'd say be cautious about this player. It's an odd, proably old, proably industrial player be wary. I used to sell Fords. The monitors in the showroom with the really pretty cars on them, they ran on LD players, Pioneer industrial players. They ran about 18 hours a day. Many industrial players have had a hard life. They also never have AC-3 outputs and I've only heard of one industrial model that has an optical output. Odds are this ain't the one.

I don't thnk I'd consider buying it unless it has a composite output for video, easy to look(!) and I'd take a Laserdisc and see it play. It also better be really cheap cause you could proably get a CLD-S104 off E-bay for $40 to $60. Best wishes!

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