Anyone Ever Use All AllTimeTVs, East Coast TVs or Buy Squad

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    Wondering inf anyone has any advice.

    Looking to but a new TV. Had my eyes on the Samsung UN55ES8000 or UN55ES7500

    Amazon is showing a price of $1799 that is fufilled by another company.
    Seems that sites like AllTimeTVs, East Coast TVs, Buy Squad have these sets at pretty good discount prices with no tax and free shipping.

    Has anyone had any experiences using these sites? I did a little digging on reseller reviews and the feedback on AllTimeTVs looks pretty good (I didn't mention Abes of Maine here because I read the horror stories about them).

    I have high trust in Amazon, but it would be nice to save a few hundred. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Richard Gallagher


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    Rich Gallagher
    I bought my Panasonic plasma set from East Coast TV 3 1/2 years ago. I had no problems and they did not swipe my credit card until they delivered it. I believe that they charge extra to bring the set inside and unpack it, but it was still the best price I could find. Make sure that you are in their delivery area, because it is (or was) somewhat limited.

    I offered the delivery men $10 extra apiece and they carried my LCD set out to the garage for me. I got lucky and sold it through Craig's List a few days later.
  3. Gregg Loewen

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    Gregg Loewen
    consider an Panasonic ST50 or GT 50? Excellent pricing right now.
  4. flaviobeda

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    Flavio Santana
    Buy Squad Inc. is synonym of huge fraud. They offer products they don't have for the best price, take purchase's money and steal it.Before I place my order, I saw good comments of Buy Squad Inc. at internet but now I know all are fake. They do their own reviews!!

    Unfortunately I did not see Buy Squad's bbb's rate before my purchase. It is "D"In Dec. 5th, I bought one Sharp 90 inches TV at Buy Squad web store, order # 1386156987 and had paid $ 6,245.98 by wire transfer on Dec 6th.Now, Dec 30th I know I was victim of a huge fraud. They took my money, did not deliver my order and do not answer e-mails or phone calls.

    Stay away from them
  5. tru3north

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    True North
    BUY SQUAD - AVOID THESE CROOKS LIKE THE PLAGUE2014-04-01 Placed the order for a Samsung 70” LED TV.
    04-17 Received the TV cracked on all four corners. Notified Steven (Operator 201) who instructed me to talk to Mark. Emailed Mark.
    04-23 With no response from Mark, I emailed him again on his direct email address instead of the generic BS address.
    04-28 Still no response from Mark. I caught him on the phone. He stated that the managers were having a meeting on Wednesday about my case. He will notify me.
    05-06 Called Mark, got voice mail. Left a message. No call or email from Mark.
    05-12 Mark said that management had given my case the green light. The paperwork is being processed.
    05-15 Called to follow up, got voice mail. Mark did not call back.
    05-21 Called Mark, said that the paperwork just completed. I should get a replacement TV soon. He will let me know when it ships.
    05-27 Mark says that the insurance claim had been filed. He will advise me when the TV ships.
    06-03 Left a voice mail. No call from Mark.
    06-06 Called at 2pm PT, got recording saying their office was closed even though the same recording said they were open M-F 8-4pm. Emailed Mark asking about the status of the claim. I had not heard from him or the insurance company. 06-08 Left a voice mail. Mark emailed back, saying to call tomorrow.
    06-09 Left a voice mail.
    06-11 Left a voice mail.
    06-12 Emailed Mark, saying I followed his instruction to call. I had called twice, left messages, but got no call backs. Forwarded the same email to him.
    06-16 On the phone, Mark again asked who I was (he had done this almost every time I catch on the phone). He said that he talks to thousands of customers every day. He promised to send a replacement unit, processing in 1-2 days, with the new TV arriving in 7-14 days. Advised him that the TV had started displaying pink and purple images. This happens about 25% of the time. He asked for a photo, which I immediately sent by email.
    06-27 Emailed Mark: “Can you please confirm that the TV had been shipped? On June 16, you stated that it would leave in 1-2 days. It is June 27 today. Has the TV shipped?” No response from Mark.
    07-03 Left a voice mail.
    07-07 Left a voice mail.
    07-08 Email from Mark: “A Samsung rep will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours to have this TV replaced for you at no cost.” Samsung called. They denied promising to replace the TV. In fact, they refused to replace it, saying that the damage were “concealed.” They gave me the number of a local
    technician who would repair the unit but that I would have to pay for the repair. I called the technician who asked for pictures.
    07-10 Sent the technician photos.
    07-14 Emailed Mark, advising him of Samsung’s refusal to replace the unit, etc.
    07-15 The Samsung tech called, advising me that from the photos, they would not repair the unit. He said the merchant appears to be giving me the runaround and that I should contact my credit card company.
    07-17 Mark promised that they would ship the replacement TV the following day. I made him promise to state that send in an email, with a tracking number. No email arrived that day or any day after.
    07-18 I contacted my credit card company.
    07-22 Mark picked up my call. He asked who I was. He asked for my transaction no. I didn’t have it. But I had the order no. Sometimes they ask for a case number! I get very confused about these numbers. He said he needed to look up my record. Seconds later, without asking me to hold, I was listening to recorded music. I was on hold for 15 minutes when the line just disconnected. He had done this at least two times in the past.
    07-25 I officially filed a claim against BS with my credit card company.

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