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Anyone ever tried a single dipole as rear surround? (1 Viewer)

Chriss M

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Dec 14, 2001
Lately i've been toying around with the idea of trying out a 6.1 setup. It seems that the generally recommended setup is dipoles on the sides and directs in the rear. This seems a bit odd to me, considering that almost all rear content is matrixed rather than discrete, which is what dipole speakers are best suited to produce.

I have tried dipoles in the past in a 5.1 setup and prefer direct speakers, but was thinking of trying a 6.1 setup with a single dipole speaker, mounted directly behind the listening position on the rear wall. My thinking is that this would create a diffused rear sound field from the matrixed rear-center channel. This setup should also not have the same problems as a single direct radiating speaker behind the listener, as the dipole will be firing along both sides of the rear wall.

Has anyone ever tried a setup like this? Any feedback?


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Jan 8, 2003
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well, i can "kind of" claim to be using dipoles for surround backs. I am currently running a 7.1 system with klipsch reference 3-II's which have both the surrounds and surround backs as dipole tweeters with a directional mid-range driver.

in my opinion it sounds really good. it seems to be perfect for watching movies as there is almost no directionality to ambient music while there is directionality to off screen action.

bu i suppose I am afraid i have to fall back on the comment that it will be up to your personal preference on this particlar subject as individual tastes can vary quite a bit.

Jeremy Hegna

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Nov 28, 2000

That is all I have ever used and you are correct. Dipoles are perfectly built for the rear matrix duties. It sounds stellar in my HT, which, like you, I am only running 6 speakers vs. 7.

I had a direct radiating (B&W LCR6) for a couple of days, but I prefer the DS6 for the rear center duties. Especially for anyone seated off center. It's a perfect situation. I don't know why others don't do this, it works great and costs less.

Also, I prefer direct radiators on the side for multi channel music. Dipoles do a poor job on the side, IMO for music reproduction.


Andrew Pezzo

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Mar 17, 2003
I have been thinking about doing the same thing, getting a single dipole for the the rear center. I have a small living room and the surrounds (direct radiating) are almost right on top of me. Its not an ideal setup but I don't have much room to work with. I am hoping that it will balance the surrounds for more even "rear sound-field".

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