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anyone ever thought about a <$300 USED sub shootout? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 11, 2005
Hi, my name is Angelo... and I'm an audioholic...I've been sonically spoiled for 16 years.

Here's where I'm at with my hunt for great low freq. reproduction. I have searched high and low for lows. I've been to Ebay, Audiogon, BB, CC, GG, Online, East Coast, West Coast and I'm in a tail spin spinning out of control!

I've landed somewhere in no-man's land in the middle of a tough decision.

I've just sold my CV HT12-PWR and I'm thinking I should have waited until I had her replacement.

I had the opportunity to listen to a few subs over the last few weeks. Velodyne's DPS-10, SPL-8, VRP-1200 and DLS-3750 and 4000; Paradigm 2200; Earthquake's Kompressor S-12; Klipsch RSW-12; Energy S10; and Axioms ep175.

I made the move to haggle with the local CC guy to hand over an open box Velo DPS-10 for under $300. I'm actually fairly impressed with it's performance. I have yet to hear any distortion from high volume test runs. Unfortunately, I don't have any reference discs...I have just been using Maxwell's Sumthin' sumthin' and Anita Baker's Body and Soul for my own personal reference material. I've also lugged around The Patriot for DVD material and feel the LFE and speed and extension has been on par with my old faithful CV 12incher.

I've now been pondering returning the DPS-10 after reading several reviews here on SVS, HSU, Adire and more but I've also got one more avenue to walk...a Polk PSW650. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the Polk and some comments that can be shared by the other's that I've tested.

So, that one more car trip to meet with a local selling his audio gear is making it's way sometime next week.

The dillema? All the subs I've tested, with the exception of the Paradigm 2200 and the spl-8 and the dls' can be brought home for about $300 or less either locally or online. 2 of them, the VRP-1200 and the EP175 for about $220 locally. There's also the Athena asp-400 at BB for $299 and Earthquake MKIV-10 Supernova for about $330 shipped.

What do I do? My listening consists of 50/50 HT and Music, I'm not completely sold on my DPS-10 and I want the best bang for about $300. Brand new, the Athena and Earthquake's are all that I can touch, all the rest are used subs.

Whatever sub I decide on has big shoes to fill, 14x14x22 ceilings in a 3 wall room. I'd love the lo-end grunt but also like the speed and musicality anyone have experiences with these or other subs that I may be missing for about 3 bills shipped or otherwise?

It's never ending quest for bass and I just re-opened the can Bassweiser...where's my sponsor when I need him?!


Apr 14, 2004
You may want to consider DIY to get the most out of your $300. You can put together a sub for $300 that would destroy any of the subs you have listed.

Check out the DIY section as their are numerous drivers, amps and even pre-made boxes...


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 11, 2005
Thx Dorian. I checked the DIY section but a lot of the projects aren't really that feasible for me. I'm sure that there are some incredible designs and kits out there but with what I saw they were quickly approaching my price limit without labor factored in.

I guess I'll continue to troll around the F/S threads to find my magical $300 4 leaf clover.

I thought that someone in here may have had 1st hand experiences with the subs that I had listed. If you have, would you readily spend $300 to purchase over again?

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
Real Name
I'd rather just save another $150 and get a PB-10.

I got my HSU VTF-2 used for $350 and it was a fine sub, sold it for $280. That's ~$300 well spent both times.

Kevin C Brown

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2000
I agree. Save up a little more, and get the SVS PB10.

(Shoot, does SVS ever have B-stock sales?)

I have no problem buying electronics such as pre/pros, receivers, or amps used. (No moving parts.) But I stay away from used DVD players and speakers and subs. Just too much of a chance of prior abuse, sometimes that you can't even see but still affects the unit's performance! :)

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