Anyone ever heard of Eckman speakers???


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Jun 15, 2004
Hi I picked up a pair of vintage Eckman speakers from a sidewalk sale. These speakers seem to be high end back in the day. The model is 505 made by Eckman design and engineering. Their a 3 way design with freq. resp. of 40-20 and a sensitivity of 93. They r a large bookshelf with a 4-5 inch mid and a 10 inch for bass. They have knobs that control the mids and highs. They sound really good and had a bad case of foam rot. I replaced the foams and patched a slight tear in one of the speakers cones. The last thing to fix is a tweeter. I believe the the thin wire that runs on the diaphragm that connects the + and - is bad. I`m using a old polk tweeter. When I connected the diaghragm of the polk on the Eckman magnet I got sound. Didn`t sound as good as the Eckman diapragm though. Is this fixable???? Any info would help, I`ve tried searches on the web and only found one repairman in Connecticut that heard of them. The only info he gave me was" they are a rare bird indeed." All I know is the gentlman that I got these from was in his 60`s so they must easily be 20+ yrs old. If anyone has any knowledge on these or where I can find parts I would appreciate it. Thanx


Apr 1, 2011
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I had a pair of Eckman 707s for years. I bought them new in 1980. They were a very high end speaker. The foam went bad so I dumped them. I think they had a 10 or 12" woofer with a passive radiator...whatever that is. I used to push them with a Carver amp. and paired them with a set of Bose 502s or 505's can't remember, made the dishes fall out of the cabinets every time I cranked it. Oh and the highs would fry your ears... Its been a long time since I heard anything that compared..maybe its because my ears are fried.

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