Anyone else see grainy pic on X3 Blu Ray?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by ssutherland, Jan 18, 2007.

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    I purchased a PS3 for Xmas on Ebay and got X3 in blu ray with it. I already had X3 on DVD. I compared the two side by side. Here is the scene in which I noticed a peculiar issue with the blu ray. Early in the movie, Prof. X and Magneto go to visit Jean Grey as a young girl. As Prof. X gets out of the car in front of her house, there is a close up of his head. The skin shows a lot of grain on it.

    It DOES look better overall than the DVD, but I was surprised to see the grain. I have the PS3 hooked to my 70" JVC TV via HDMI, and I compared this with a Sony DVD progressive scan DVD player hooked up to the same TV via component cables (playing the older DVD version).

    Is this normal? I did see one comment about how X3 was filmed that might be an issue.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good Blu Ray movie I can use to test my system out and really see it shine?

    Haverhill, MA
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    The grain you see is probably film grain - which is inherent to the film source...some movies show more than others depending on the film stock, director's intentions, etc. All film contains grain and this is clearly visible when viewing a movie at a theater (especially if you look for it or sit a little closer).

    Very excessive grain can be a result of your display not being calibrated properly - just depends.

    I do plan on buying this fairly soon. I too have the SD DVD and it is a little grainy, as well.
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    wait in the scene where they visit jean as a young girl, both patrick stewarts and sir ian's faces are digitally manipulated so that they appear younger. i never liked those scenes because their faces look un-natural for some reason and reading about that scene in cinefex explains why there skin texture looks wrong, obviously theres more detail in the blueray version, making those effects stand out more.

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