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anyone dont want to wait for their av12 and need one now?? (1 Viewer)

SC Trojan

Sep 13, 2001
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I hope it is OK to post here since I assume people would be interested....

I am planning to sell my Stryke Audio Mini Thunder sub was made by john about 1 month ago. Planning to raise money for full range speaker purchase very shortly. Unit is a downward firing av12 with 2 stryke 12" PRs. Unit is finished in teak. It is powered by rythem 380W amp. Unit is in perfect condition. Size is basically a 16" cube with 3" legs.

The cabinet is made from 2 layers of 1/2" mdf. This gives an internal volume of just over 1.5 cubic foot. The two 12" PR's will be 970grams each, giving a tuning frequency of 20.5Hz.

The system gives an F3 point of 27hz, and an F6 point just over 20hz. Taking into account a room gain of 3dB per octave starting at 80hz. this will give fairly flat response in room down to 20hz.

Price is $500 OBO. You wont find anything with this performance anywhere near what I am asking. Local pickup in LA is OK and shipping should be about $50 anywhere in the continental US. Feel free to e-mail me with questions at [email protected] I can also send you a pic of the sub if necessary.

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