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Anybody try MotoGP for Xbox yet? (1 Viewer)

Masood Ali

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Jan 31, 2002
My local video store doesn't have the game yet; neither do my local Best Buy, Target, KMart, Circuit City, etc.

Has anyone tried the game yet? I'm curious to get some impressions.

Derrik Draven

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Dec 7, 1998
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I've played the demo a few times, on the latest OXM disc.
Kind of hard to tell how the whole game will be but; and this is also stated in the review I read in OXM, that the engine sounds of the bikes are pretty lame. Very thin and "tinny" sounding. Wimpy sounding at best. They aren't kidding. The bikes sound lame as hell. Maybe they really do sound like that in real life and it's accurately modeled in this game but, it still sounds very weak.
The controls take some real getting used to as far as the 1st person perspective mode goes. Seems like you are constantly rocking back and forth, correcting for over estimating the amount of lean you need. At least that was the case for me. Over time, I think that would disappear as you got more used to the bike handling/tracks.
I was kind of disappointed to find that no matter how far you lean over while on the track, you can't make the bike wipeout. At least I couldn't. I think this is also mentioned in the review.
Graphically, it's pretty good looking. There's only 1 track so, this is a VERY limited opinion. Not much to look at by way of stuff around the track but, what is there looks nice and the whole thing moves buttery smooth without a single hiccup. You have to see the rain effect to believe it! If someone strapped a camcorder just behind the windscreen and rode around the track in the rain, I'm not sure it would look any better than the Xbox's impersonation of it. :)
Read complaints that the A.I. is pretty weak but, I haven't had much of a chance to comfirm or deny that. It's kind of funny when you bump a guy accidentally and he shoots you the bird! :laugh: But, as far as aggressive, intelligently modeled racing AI is concerned, I didn't see any.
I'm not buying the game. It's not bad but, I think you'd have to be really hard core into this sport to really enjoy the game.

Andrew s wells

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Nov 20, 2001
I can't give this game enough praise. Seemed to come from out of nowhere, which is why i was pleasantly suprised. racing games are my favorite type of game and i was hoping someone would get the game and post their impressions and they did at alwaysgame.com which has very good discussions on games (primarily sega related).
Lots of modes,tight controls,great graphics and sounds, and the best rainy weather effects i have ever seen. any specific questions you have i will be happy to answer.

Dan B

Sep 17, 1999
I've just played the OXM demo so far. If you like motorcycle racing, this game is a must-have. If you like racing in general, this game is well worth looking into. I initially found the AI to be lame & didn't like the fact that it's hard to lose control of the bike. However, after changing the difficulty level to "Champion" or whatever the toughest level is, the AI pretty good (I haven't won a race yet) & the handling is pretty satisfying in the wet stuff.

Controlling the bike is done by leaning into the corners using the left analog stick, plus you can transfer your weight forward & back also using the analog control. You can slide the tail of the bike by leaning forward, letting off the gas, & re-applying the throttle. You can set the controller to use the left & right triggers as separate front & rear brake controls. (this is the only way you can control the OXM demo, I'm not sure what other setups you can choose in the full game)

The graphics & animation are all well done, especially the kick-ass rain effect. I don't care for the blur effect when you hit high speed, which also kicks in a kind of warped lens effect too, but other people seem to like it. One thing I give it a big thumbs-up for is the behind-the-handlebars view.

Oh yeah, the bike sounds are kinda thin, but it isn't the end of the world. The game supports your own music play list, so that helps make up for that.

Good game, the people who have bought it are raving about it on all of the gaming message boards I visit.


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