Anybody tried this with their Yamaha 2400 or other brand

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jason Green, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Hi everybody. I don't know if anybody else has tried this or not. I am rigged up for DVD-a & SACD as well as 7.1 Home Theater. The problem that I have in my theater room is that there wasn't enough room for all my speakers. I tried with my back towers in the back corners with my bookshelves directly behind me. My couch is about 5' away from the back wall. This just didn't seem to cut it as I have a high back couch. There is not enough room for my towers beside the couch as they are too deep (Sound Dynamics R616) The only thing that I could think of was putting my bookshelves (Athena AS-B1's) high up on the sidewalls with a downward tilt, and putting my Sound Dynamics in the back as my surround rears. This seems to have made a big difference in movies. But the problem is that I had towers for my surrounds for the Hi-Rez music. Full range speakers all around recommended. Now I saw that there was an option in my setup menu for 6/8 channel multi-channel inputs. So this is what I did: Plug the fronts out of my universal player into the DVD analog inputs. L/R.Plug my Centre & subwoofer into the multi-channel inputs like normal. But instead of plugging the surround channels into the surround inputs, I plug them into the front L/R multi-channel inputs. Now in the menu I tell it that it is 8 channel, that my DVD is now my fronts and that SL/SR is front.

    Now this seems to work. when i am watching a movie or anything through digital inputs the amp knows that my bookshelves on my sidewalls are my SL/SR, and that my back towers are my rear backs. But when I switch to multi-channel inputs, my side suurounds are off and my rear towers are on. Sounds good right?

    Well when I first run through the set-up and adjust all my channels with my trusty Ratshack meter everything is good. (other than the strange way that sometimes when I adjust my SW for The DVD-a +10 sometimes they change the digital side too.) When I turned on my amp today and went to check some level settings, it just gives me a -- for my surrounds. As if I didn't have anything attached to them.

    I know this might sound confusing but if anybody knows what I am talking about please respond.
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    You might want to check item # 6 at this link.

    What you might want to do is submit an equipment list to the Forum and then include a link to the page in your signature. You can see an example in my signature below.

    Another option along these lines is to sign up at and create an equipment list there. The nice thing about this one is you have complete control of it, which makes it easier to update as you improve or upgrade your picture.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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