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Mr. Shelly

Mar 3, 2016
Real Name
Bo Shelly
I have an older (and oh so awesome) pair of Energy Connoisseur C-6 front speakers. This from the late and great Canada made generation. I just love them but one of the tweeters was cracked and not repairable. I have contacted just about everybody possible and there are no replacements out there.
I took it to my repair guy who gave it his best shot but got no where on it. I contacted the speaker exchange but they want me to send them both tweeters (so they will match) and replace them completely and just keep the front plastic. I will have no way of knowing how good they will be... and will have to pay $150 plus shipping both ways. That is way too much a gamble at that cost.
I just got an Energy AC-300 center as the center I had before just didn't cut it. Anyway, I thought of maybe getting a pair of the tweeters that came in AC-300 and installing those in the C6 speakers, but those aren't available anymore and are 6 ohm and the C6 spkrs are 8 ohm. So, that idea is out.
So, I am hoping I can find somebody who has an Energy C6 or C8 with maybe the same issue and is replacing them and thus has a tweeter to get rid of. If you do, PLEASE hit me up. I would love you (from a far) for the rest of my life.

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