Anybody go from C-Band to the DBS,DSS etc.

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    I'm stumped as to why this type of system gets rave reviews....Reminds me of when I first had cable put in, I thought that was the ultimate...With C-Band, I miss all the raw feeds....and sports with 0 comericials....the ability to watch any satellite I wanted to....for free...and in the rain....the annual price for movie channels was at least half price....I could spend as much or as little as I wanted....Payed for each channel seperate, could change channell subs., at any time, on and on, I sure miss my "birdbath".
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    I have the 4D and "had" DirecTV. I opted for cable for the basic stuff. I JUST ordered the Dish HDTV package to use for CBS-HD.
    I use the C-band occasionally...wild feeds...early feeds that sort of thing.I also would watch ABC-HD with it using a Unity Motion reciever. The latest use was to watch Big Brother 2 Direct feed when my local CBS affiliate pre-empted the show for Jets football.
    I don't know that I would ever not have C-Band in any system of mine.
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