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Anybody get the Naked Gun Collection? (1 Viewer)


Feb 17, 2002
I was thinking about picking this up since I love all the Zucker Brothers movies especially these three. How is it? Couldn't find full specs.

Jared M

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 21, 2001
i'll have mine tomorrow. it has the same specs as the only thing that is new is the box.

Naked Gun
Widescreen enhanced for 16x9
Digital Sound English 5.1 Suround
Enlish Subtitles
Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
Theatrical Trailer
Group Commentary with David Zucker, Robert Weiss, and Peter Tilden

2 1/2
Everything else is the same but with 2 Theatrical Trailers

33 1/3
Same as the original except commentary also has Michael Ewing

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
The alternate version shown on USA can be seen described in detail on the IMDB. Link Removed. It is not just USA, by-the-way, it's also shown that way on Comedy Central and other channels.
That version trims out many of the raunchier items and backfills it with less saucy stuff, which wouldn't upset the nice nice folk out there who are letting their kids watch the nice movie with the word "naked" in the title. :)
It's kind of like an edited-for-broadcast version. Here's an example of one of the edits (quote from IMDB):
When aired on Comedy Central, Frank's line "Nice beaver" was changed to "Nice one", ruining the joke.
Paramount hasn't been in the habit of putting extended versions or deleted scenes onto their DVD's. They really haven't done "Special Editions" the way other studios have, like Fox for instance. Like it or hate it, defend it or not, Paramount's DVD's are pretty much along the lines of "here's the film in the best possible quality we can give you, with a couple of extras (often a trailer, every blue moon a commentary track, and - if available - alternate language tracks and/or subtitles) and that's it.
The 3 individually released Naked Gun series films were no different, and the new collection is nothing but those three discs tossed into a box set. THESE ARE *NOT* NEW VERSIONS OF THE DVDs!
Having said that, when we were in Best Buy last week I picked up the box set, put in into my wife's hands, and instructed her that I am to be given this as a gift for my birthday (August), or a Christmas present at the latest. :)
(Hey, it worked last year for the Lethal Weapon box set. It was under the tree Christmas morning!) :D


Supporting Actor
Jul 7, 2000
Uh Jesse,

Universal Home Video also has to alter songs. I hope when Sixteen Candles and Weird Science come back to DVD that they include ALL the original music.

And Paramount does try to do extras, not as much as Fox or Columbia Tri-Star, but at least Paramount hasn't fallen victim to the Wal-Mart virus and is releasing modified aspect ratio DVDs.

And MGM seems to be taking the cake in terms of special editions...nice added-value features and even nicer pricing. Mad Max, The Fog, Bull Durham, The Usual Suspects, and more.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
rutger, please don't make it out that I was being critical of Paramount. I was simply describing the way they operate. Noone is more conscious of Martin Blythe's presence here on HTF than I am...except for maybe Ron and Packy! :D
Seriously, I think that Paramount's only big issue was pricing, and that's improved drastically in the last year. I've increased my Paramount library drastically since then...all are well-made discs with terrific movies!

Nick Graham

Oct 16, 2001
I saw this set at Best Buy for $39.95...definitely will be picking it up. As for Paramount, I love what they are doing DVD-wise. Prices are dropping, and I don't think I've ever seen a non-OAR disc from them. In a world where we are seeing more and more studios pandering to pan and scan, Paramount should be praised highly, as should Mr. Blythe for his involvement in this forum.

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