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Anybody ever been defrauded in a sale over the net? (1 Viewer)

Len Cheong

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Mar 18, 2000
Just wondering how rampant net scams have been for people. I'm planning some purchases via private deals over the net (a/v equipment) and just wondering about experiences people have had. So far, I've purchased about 5k worth of stuff over the last 3 years and have had great dealings with people, mostly from this forum. Thanks for a great place to buy/sell stuff. What are some other good places for private deals? Audiogon? Audioweb? What tips do people have?

Sam C

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Apr 30, 2000
I have over 500 transaction under my belt over the net ... I've had the misfortune of being disfrauded 1 time ...
I bought 8 dvd's from a guy on Ebay for somewhere right around 100 bucks ... He had good feedback ... Well I never got them and he was arrested ... You can take a look at Link Removed
Words of Wisdom ... Ebay advertises that they provide 200 bucks worth of insurance through Lloyds of London but I cannot recoup it ... For one ... you can only make 3 claims in a certain period of time ... I bought 8 items ... So I'm SOL on 5 of them ... Also the insurance claim process will take at least 4 months ...


Sep 18, 2001
Since I already own the Jurassic Park Deluxe edition, I wanted to get the DTS versions cheap. I got each movie (jp1, jp2) from two different sellers that advertised Widescreen DTS. I bought them. When I recieved them: One was P&S DTS and the other was Widescreen DD. I was very lamed out and gave them to my dad. He's happy, except that he has a P&S DVD and he HATES pan and scam.
Whoops, I forgot to mention that this was on EBAY.
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Jeffrey Noel

Sep 11, 2001
I had a problem with eBay's own company Half.com. I bought Jurassic Park DTS from a seller and I received a fake copy. It was extremely obvious that it was fake. So I left horrible feedback for the seller and told him to contact me. He did and said that he had no idea it was fake and offered to refund my money. So I sent it back to him and to this day have not seen my money. I hate that guy!!!!
Oh yeah, I did file a complaint with half.com and have never heard from them.
Another thing, NEVER EVER do anything on Switchouse.com. I got screwed by one trader, who screwed others out of DVDs, so I reported it to Switchouse.com. I have never heard one damn thing from them. Freakin' bastards!!
God bless!
jeffrey noel
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