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Anybody build the Adire Alignment enclosure for a Tempest? (1 Viewer)

Kevin Beck

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Jan 4, 2001
Just wondering with all this DIY subwoofer building going on, if anybody has built one of the suggested enclosures for a Tempest. If anybody has worked with the Adire plans, I would be cuious as to how they stack up against the huge Sonotube type subs. Looking at the ported units,..of course, for something completely different, I could be talked into a passive radiator unit too. How do they work if you have two setting side by side?
Thanks folks,...
Jan 11, 1999
I built the sub you are looking at. I used the plans from the web site and had no problem at all. I did not want something that looks like a water heater in my living room so I used the Adire Alignment. When I have people at the house for a demo it is always nice to see their jaw drop when I fire it up.

I have not done side by side comparisons with a sono or a passive radiator. The radiators look like the could be a pain to tune since you have to add weights to get them right. I have never done that, but the Adire Alignment is easier to build not to mention less expensive since the radiators are about $90.00 or so each.

Just my opinions


Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
I have an alteration of the adire al tempest. The calc. and build were pretty easy because I have connections to a contractor shop and engineering tools.
My Tempest
I was going to sell the completed bare enclosure for $150 but found no buyers so I'm going to use dual tempest adire alignments. I'll post how they sound once I complete it.
The sub should sound the exact same as a sonosub given the same dimensions and ports. The only difference is appearance, and weight. My tempest adire al. sub needs 2 ppl to move it around while a sonosub should be easier. The sonosub has less resonating planes so it doesn't need the cross bracing a box needs.
I would just stick to a standard adire alignment tempest, then once you finish one, then perhaps think about building another. The bass might be plenty from just one sub.

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