Any Zune Users Out There? Some Questions...

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by James Edward, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. James Edward

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    May 1, 2000
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    I already own a Zune; so this is not an iPod vs Zune thread...

    I have several songs on my Zune with very offensive language, and I often work outside with the unit on shuffle all.
    Is there a way to flag these 5 or 6 songs so they will never play unless I specifically access them or put them into a playlist?

    If anyone replies and feels they are very familiar with the Zune operation, I'll post several other questions.

    Thanks for any replies...
  2. Kraig Lang

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    May 28, 2000
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    Heya James,

    The only real way to do this is to create a playlist of all the other tunes and shuffle that. There's no way to shuffle all and have an exception list.

    btw, how do you like yours? I'm in love with mine. By far the best sounding DAP I've owned, out of Archos, Rio, Apple, Creative, iAudio

    Just wish they would clean up the software and get the video portion of the store up.

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