Any wiring signal issues w/power cords?

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  1. Richard Harvey

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    Jun 22, 1999
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    I recently replaced my receiver and did some housecleaning behind my A/V cabinet, and I'm curious if I should be concerned about (and what could I do about) various speaker wires that are running along side or over power coords and surge protectors. I'm running Monster XP wiring for all of my speakers -- are these insulated enough to protect them from any possible interference from power cords? If not, how do you solve this problem with your setups? (I assume most of us have a glob of wires running out of the back of your amp/receiver).

  2. Bob McElfresh

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    I hate to tell you this, but speaker wire is not usually shielded.

    I try to keep my wires organized into 3 different bundles:

    - Power cords

    - Speaker wires (which carry watts of power)

    - Interconnects

    As long as you keep these apart, you are usually fine. Even running power cords & speaker wires for short distances near each other is usually ok. But the chance for noise increases as:

    - the distance between the wires decreases

    - the parallel run lengths between the wires increase

    - the power flowing through a wire increases

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