Any thoughts on why Sony is lagging with hdtv 16:9 market

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    Dec 2, 2000
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    I was just wondering why Sony is being left in the dust compared to Mitsubishi, Toshiba, etc.. as far as getting hdtv sets out there and in different size options, which they've been doing so for quite some time now. I just now notice a couple sets out there from Sony, which actually I've only seen on the Circuit City website.

    I know Sony makes great tv's like the wega series,but are they just milking analog as long as possible? Just curious what others thought...

  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    AFAIK, Sony only has one 16/9 direct view model.
    They are just now introducing a wider variety of widescreen HD-ready rptvs, where previously they only had a couple of widescreens in the XBR series.
    There is a new HW40 series widescreen model in 51 and 57 inch sizes, and XBR2 widescreens in 57 and 65 inch sizes. Street prices at B&M stores start at $2799 for the KP51HW40, a bit higher than comparably sized Tosh, but in the ballpark. The XBR models have built-in terrestrial HD tuners and firewire connections. Still no smaller rptv sets in the near $2k range like the 42 inch Tosh, 43 inch Hitachi.
    I have a new KP57HW40 and love it.
    I think Sony previously concentrated on 4/3 HD-ready models that would do a true anamorphic squeeze, the HS series, because they maybe offer a better solution to those who still watch mostly 4/3 material and don't like the stretch/zoom modes necessary to display 4/3 pictures on 16/9 screens.
    With the reduction in price of progressive dvd players, and wider availability of HD sources, the desirability of a 16/9 set is increasing enough for them to widen their model range. Sony is somewhat of a conservative company, not jumping on the bandwagon as quickly as some other mfgs. Mits hasn't made a 4/3 HD ready set for a couple or three years now, Tosh is concentrating on widescreen but still offering 4/3s.
    I do a lot of kibitzing with other customers in stores, and the majority like the better pictures of HD ready rptvs vs analog models due to the virtual lack of scanlines, but are reluctant to give up the 4/3 aspect ratio.

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