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Any thoughts on the VMPS New Larger Subwoofer? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 13, 2001
I am torn between a SVS 16-46+ (with sampson), and a VMPS New Larger Subwoofer. The price cut over at SVS has made me lean quite a bit in that direction, is that "sale price" a limited time thing, or the new price flat out?
I know the SVS is a solid performer that kicks a ton of ass (especialy for the price). But I have heard the same thing about the VMPS.
They both look like awsome products, and seeing as how I can't really go and hear either one in person (for all the good that would really do if I couldn't hear the other), I'm really torn as to where I want to go.
The SVS is a "known" performer. That is to say that everyone on this forum thinks it kicks ass.
The VMPS is an unknown performer, no one on this forum says anythign about it.
The VPS seems to have a possible advantage in that it has two drivers (thus even if it only has half of the SVS's great linear excursion it will still move the air). It has a larger enclosure size (8 cubic feet). And the website goes on and on about how cool woven carbon fiber woofers are. But who can say? Not I.
So has anyone heard both of these and can provide some input?

Dustin B

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Mar 10, 2001
Well size wise there isn't that much of a difference except the SVS will have a significantly smaller foot print. The VMPS says the larger has 1" construction so given it's dimensions that would be 175L (for net you would still have to subtract out bracing if there is any, and what the drivers and PR take up). The 16-46 is about 150L before you take out the driver and port (because it's a cylinder it doesn't need any bracing).

The VMPS is a $130 more right now.

My first question to VMPS would be if the enclosure has any internal bracing. If it doesn't that would be a strike against. Even with 1" constuction, each wall with a 27" length should have a brace on it.

The site also mentions you can change the tuning on the passive radiator. My next question would be what range can you change it over (ie how low can you tune it). If you can't tune lower than 25hz, I wouldn't consider it.

My final question would be how much displacement is the passive radiator capable of in comparison to the two active drivers. If the passive radiator isn't capable of double what the active drivers combined are, I wouldn't even consider it. Preferably it should be capable of 3 or 4 times as much displacment. This is my biggest concern with it. The Stryke HE-15 cubes use either two 18" or three 15" high excusrion passive radiators for a single active 15" driver. I highly doubt the PR in the VMPS will meet this requirement.

Edit: To add another more specific example. The Tempest application notes on Adire's site. For a Tempest (Vd 2.5L) they recommend two of their PR-15 units. Each one has a Vp of 5.1L. And to get that 5.1L of Vp out of the PR-15 it has a 31mm one way Xmax. That means the PR-15 is capable of almost 2.5" of travel.


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Jul 13, 2001
Yes the VMPS is quite popular over at HD, infact there is a thread going on overthere about this exact topic. They are Bias toward VMPS but have good thigns to say about the SVS. I am just trying to find some opinions here on HTF where I can only remember VMPS being mentioned like 3 times and SVS is in every other post. Is it just that no one has VMPS speakers over here? I am just looking for as many opinions as I can and hopefully some hard facts.

I'm trying to get answers to those questions right now over at HD thanks to your posting of them, I will quote whatever reply I get here in the interest of distributing knowledge. Thanks for the good questions.

The thing is I know that they are both very good speakers, and the VMPS is going to be quite a bit more expensive 30% or so. Because whereas you said $150 thats without any of the goodies, upgraded woofers ($140), Ceramic soundcoat dampining inside the enclosure ($75), Slick looking Piano black finish ($40). That takes it up to $950 for just the sub, no amp. Quite a bit more $$$. I want to know if its worth it.

John A. Casler

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Apr 29, 1999
I have the VMPS Larger and it is the perfect hybrid of "bottom dweller" easily hitting everything I've thrown at it and Musically it is at the top of many an "audiophile" list.

It is NOT small. In fact, it is the size of a small refrigerator. I also have the SuperNova MKIV 15" and I have heard the SVS for several hours.

It would be hard to go wrong with either, although I have heard complaints about the SVS "bottoming". Now I don't know how loud you have to play an SVS to "bottom out" but I have heard of it happening.

It is my understanding that the VMPS cannot bottom out. You could search the HD VMPS site to find out why.

I would say it would be hard to go wrong with either.

Since the poster above said the SVS is $130 less, it must be $569 since the LARGER VMPS is only $699.

I can certainly recomend the LARGER VMPS with no reservations (if you have the space and an amp to drive it)

I have heard the SVS, the Earthquake, the Velodyne HGS18, the Pardigm, the HSU, the Infinity IRS, the KEF, the Energy, the Sunfire, the M&K, the Legacy, many DIY, and the BAG End subs.

All were fabulous subs, but

I put the Earthquake and VMPS in my system.

John Casler

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