Any telephone repairmen? Any ideas about this DSL/phone line question?

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    My mother's had DSL for a while now with no problems, but it has started to act up. About a week ago, her phone started having a hissing sound, but the DSL was okay. Then, a couple days later, she couldn't connect and the modem's Ready light kept blinking. She called first her service's tech support to no avail (and, in light of subsequent developments, I don't think they would have anything to do with it), and then telephone repair. All repair did was disconnect the phone line at the access panel on the side of the house and listen on their test phone. They said the line sounded okay, so that was all they did. But, it was enough. The DSL started working again, though the phone still had a hiss. Of course, a couple days later, the DSL was down again. So, I went to the access panel and disconnected and reconnected the line, and it instantly worked again.

    To someone who does this for a living, what's your best guess? Is the problem on the part of the line going into the access point, or the part of the line going from that access point to the rest of the house? I mean, she could go out every couple of days and mess with the access connection, but that's a bit ridiculous. I'm mainly wanting to know if she should call repair out again with this new information, or if it might be something else.

    Some other information that might be relevant: the filters for the phone are properly installed and seem to work. When the problem exists, it exists even when a phone is not connected. Also, when the ready light is blinking, the phone is clear. When it is solid, the phone has the hiss.
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    A guy here at work just had a similar problem with his phone hissing. They wound up sending him a new DSL modem and everythings fine.
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    Do a "hard reset".... turn off computer, turn off modem.... then turn modem on.... let the lights come on, then restart the puter. Perhaps that will reset the modem for ya......
    We do a lot of dsl on networks with routers and seldom have problems with hiss in the lines as long as the filters are in place.

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