Any Spartacus blu-ray news?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by bigguy219, Oct 1, 2009.

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    I'm honestly a bit surprised/confused that Spartacus hasn't found it's way over to blu-ray yet. It was an early HD-DVD release given its age, and I'm surprised it wasn't quickly ported over to blu-ray (like the Errol Flynn Robin Hood).

    Is any sort of ambitious undertaking delaying its release on blu-ray? Or is it simply being held up because a fear of low sales based on the HD DVD release? Or might it possibly be (sigh) held until 2010 for a "50th Anniversary!!1!!!!" release?

    It is my all time favorite film, and Mr. Harris loving restoration (including the infamous Olivier/Curtis bath scene) and I'm staring at a photo of Laurence Olivier in full Roman regalia next to my desk and hope to see it in 1080p in my lifetime.
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    Without wishing to put words in RAH's mouth, I think you'll find the HD-DVD was universally criticised for it's quality, therefore Universal will probably need to go back and re-transfer it from 65MM, clean it up and colour correct it (assuming they haven't done so already recently).

    This is an expensive process for such a long film and so they may wait until the prospect of sales will increase. As you say they may just be waiting for the 50th anniversary, they might also be creating a DI so that it can be re-shown theatrically in digital too.

    This assumes they don't just licence it to Criterion...

  3. Guest

    I'm guessing its an entirely separate issue than the DVD release which Criterio produced... Like, they will have to relicense it will they?
  4. Billy Batson

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    I'm hoping its non-appearance on Blu is a good thing. Despite all the bad press the HD DVD got, I wouldn't have been surprised if some bean-counter at Universal just stuck out the same transfer on Blu. With this wait there's a good chance the Universal are having another go at it. I just have the UK DVD, & it doesn't look good, some of it looks harsh & grainy, & far too RED, esp. at the gladiator school, they all look like they have really bad sunburn (& it doesn't help that Ben-Hur & Cleopatre look so good). So lets hope that Universal are doing a complete re-do, scanning the original, or as close to the original as they have. After all, it's one of Universal's crown-jewels.

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